Autonomous Law Nicaragua

The founders of Raya Ka Raya out of respect for the long suffering people of the coast created a company disciplined in attaining natural resource rights following everystep of Autonomous law. Through the people of the communities - the Consejo Regional Regional government. All consemated by. Resolution from the Ultimate authority in the Autonomous Region.

LeY 445

43 in Favor & 0 Disapprove as the only Project to follow Autonomous Law and establish RKR as the Communities Choice

Bring Large International Buyers to the Coast.

Hosting large International flooring company that would like to establish Nicaragua as a long term wood source.

following Autonomous Laws as written under Nicaragua Constitution

Memorial Ceremony for 400 Miskito Fishermen who fell Victim to Hurricane Felix on Cayos de Miskito

Cayos Miskitos 400 souls memorialized after a Hurricane Felix

Community Relations

Sponsor Community World Series
Community Approval
On the Agenda to Present Project to Comseko Regional
Created By
Jarrod Hashem

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