LES News August 13, 2021

A Note from the Principal...

One week down and it was a hot one! We had a great first week of school and are excited to have everyone back at school. We have several new students this year, which is exciting! Again, we welcome all of you to Loogootee Elementary and hope that you have a wonderful school year. For those of you who are new to Loogootee Elementary, I will send out a newsletter on a weekly basis to update you on different things going on at school. Enjoy your weekend!

Important Information

Early Release Dates

Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month, all students are released early so that teachers can participate in professional development sessions. We will dismiss car riders at 2:15 PM. Our first early release will be Wednesday, August 18th.

COVID Reminders

This is just a reminder to you of a few important things regarding COVID protocols at this time.

  • Masks - At this time, masks are still optional.
  • Water Bottles - Water filling stations are open, so students should bring a water bottle to school.
  • Sickness - If your child is feeling sick, please keep them home.
Morning Drop-Off

Students should not be dropped off any earlier than 7:45 AM. Please keep your child in the car until an adult opens the doors. We do not want students congregating in front of the school without supervision. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.

Dress Code

As clothing trends change, I want to address crop tops. Tops that do not cover the stomach area are not permitted at LES. You may wear crop tops, but there should be a tank top or other article of clothing underneath so that stomachs are not showing.

Cafeteria Procedures

Independence in the cafeteria is something that we work on in the cafeteria and you can practice at home, too. If you have opportunities to have your child work on opening lunch containers, packages, etc. it would greatly help here at school.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, August 18th - Early Release
  • Thursday, August 26th - Trash Bag Fundraiser begins
  • September 1st - Early Release

First Week Fun!