The Friendly Raccoon By: Estela lopez

Once upon a time, there was a raccoon named Landry and he lived in the woods all by himself. He often got lonely and he wished that he had friends to play with. One day while he was walking around the woods he spotted some animals camping. He heard them talking and laughing and he got sad because he wished he had friends to talk and laugh with.

Just as Landry was about to walk away, he was spotted by Charlotte. She was surprised to see him and tried to tell Mimi but she was too busy talking. She continued to try and get her friends' attention and she finally succeeded. She told them that she saw someone and they all turned their heads to see what she was pointing at.

At first they were a little scared because they had never seen a raccoon before. Landry reassured them that he didn't want to scare them and he just wanted some friends. After he explained to them, they weren't scared anymore and they called him over.

Landry came over and sat next to Hello Kitty. Everyone was really friendly and he was glad that he finally found some friends that he could talk to.

Created By
Estela Lopez

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