community action project Escola Les Acàcies

We are 6th graders and we have created a project about Marine Debris.


  1. Cleaning the beach.
  2. Posters(English and Catalan).
  3. Quizizz(W.C. and recycling).
  4. Games(W.C. and recycling).
  5. Videos of Marine Debris.
Hello, we are the boys and girls of Acàcies of 6th grade. We are participating in a project in English called Global Scholars, after a year of water research in our city, we have chosen "Marine Debris" as the central theme of our Community Action Project. One of the actions we have taken is to go to the beach in our neighborhood to collect all the dirt on the morning of Friday, June 31. #FridaysForFuture

May 31st, Beach cleaning Day!

Ready with gloves and trash bags to make a difference!

Some people in the beach congratulated us about the task we were doing!

There was a lot of trash hidden between the rocks

We want to make a difference!

We have made posters about the damage caused by marine debris.
We have also done a few quiz games to teach children how important it is to protect the ocean.
We have prepared some videos to make people aware of the world what is happening on our planet.
We have made several games about things that can be thrown to the toilet and about recycling.

raising awareness in the school community

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