Custom Cookie Creations by rachel Shultz

Employee Stephen prepares icing for cookies to fulfill an order at Baked! of Bloomington. His favorite cookies to make are the seasonal. "The oatmeal blueberry dough is the seasonal dough. It’s going to be around in the beginning of the school year,” Stephen said.
Abbi laughs with friend Hannah. Abbi had been to Baked before, however it was Hannah's first time.
Friends Rachel and Jae-lynn order they're cookies. They decided to try Baked after seeing pictures from other IU students. Both from Evansville, Rachel traveled to IU to visit Jae-lynn, who is in the 7-week Groups program. "[The Groups program is] a program to make sure you're ready for college," Jae-lynn said.
Employee Peyton takes an order of a caller. As of now, Baked doesn't have an online ordering system, so all orders take place in the shop or over the phone.
Julie pays for her cookies during her first visit to Baked. She heard about Baked from her friend, whose son is friends with a worker.
Jeremiah enjoys his Sprite and cookie in Baked. Jeremiah came with his sister Lexi, friend Olivia, mom Erin, and Olivia's mom Lindsey, as the two families were returning from the gym. "We're just trying to enjoy summer before the start school," Lindsey said. "July we're going to have fun, because August school starts."
The Baked delivery car after returning with an order. Baked! of Bloomington has been in its location for about a year and a half.

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