Beyond "CYCLOPICA" the making of an Exhibition Setting up "Cyclopica, The Human Side of Infrastructure", the exhibition curated and designed for Salini Impregilo at La Triennale di Milano from May 1st to June 3dr 2018

Teamwork at La Triennale di Milano with design studio Leftloft, design collective theBuss, Allestimenti Benfenati, Eletech, and Grimaldi Impianti, setting up the exhibition from Salini Impregilo's valuable photo archive.

Setting up the lighting truss system
Wall grinding
Bruno Genovese - Leftloft -
Riccardo Castaldi - theBuss -
Projector fine tuning
The latest touch at the large-scale dam
Riccardo Castaldi, Sara and the team enjoying a well-earned break.
Painting the drywalls
Placing the “carousel” projectors for the 1200 slides
Covering the projectors to protect them from dust
Setting up the light wall at the entrance
Building the tunnel
Giulio - Leftloft - checking the photos alignment
Beatrice - Leftloft - selecting the groups of photos
Benfenati crew hanging photos on the wall
latest works slides
Beatrice placing the latest pre spaced graphics
Bruno - Leftloft - giving latest bits of advice on the proper lighting
Paolo Solcia mixing up light and sounds
Putting up the exhibition sign
Davide Sgalippa - theBuss -
The CEO Pietro Salini visiting the exhibition before the opening
Luigi Vianello, Salini Director of Corporate Identity and Communication and Riccardo Castaldi, theBuss
The first visitor
The large-scale model dam (6x22 meters)
The man and the construction site
Photographs turning into videos between dream and reality

Direction and coordination

Salini Impregilo Corporate Identity and Communication

Curated by


Concept and design

Leftloft e theBuss

Contributors to the exibition

Solian Clerici

Valentina Di Liddo

Marco Fracasso

Alessandro Gabini

Dario Gavezotti

Fulvio Michelazzi

Daniele Nepoti

Alessandro Lucchini

Liliana Redaelli

Paolo Solcia

Laura Spinelli

Multivisione Italia

Set up

Allestimenti Benfenati




Grimoldi Impianti

Thanks to

Caimi Brevetti


Photo Leftloft

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