Charlotte's Path to Success CU1010

Reflective Essay:

Creating this portfolio was a very informative and beneficial experience for me. Prior to this Success Skills class, I was on academic probation with a very abnormally low GPA. I took this class to learn academic skills that could benefit me in the long run and also to help boost my GPA and my grades in other classes. With the portfolio being a semester long project, I was able to learn to prioritize my work and not to wait until the last minute to begin it. Procrastination was a huge issue last semester because I would wait until the last minute to study for a test or begin an assignment, and then become so overwhelmed that I just simply would not study or do the assignment. I would give up. This portfolio does not give you the option to give up since there were two different check-ins during the semester. I had to actually begin the portfolio and work on it, which actually benefited my grades throughout the semester.

I felt that the most beneficial exhibit was definitely the Post-Test Analysis. After receiving an exceptional grade of 79 on my first psychology test, I studied a little harder for the next test and received a 77. I was a little disappointed considering I studied harder and did basically the same, so the post-test analysis form enabled me to see what I did wrong and what my weaknesses for studying were. I was able to talk to the professor one on one, which is very rare considering my class has an auditorium full of 400 people. She was very happy that I seemed interested in making a difference in my grade and that I was ready to prepare for the next test. I was able to see what studying techniques worked and what did not. Also, Professor Jorgensen made me realize what I forgot to study. I completely forgot about studying the practice tests in the back of the textbook of each chapter, and one of those tests is copied directly onto the test. Visiting her and seeing my test and my careless mistakes enabled me to be able to study for the next test and improve my grade.

The least beneficial exhibit was the Inner voices exhibit. Although it was not very beneficial to my grades, it helped improve my character. I never realized how negative I was and how my pessimism was effecting my character. After evaluating different scenarios and revising my thought process, it helped me begin to think optimistically and see the bright side of things. Thinking positively really helped me throughout this semester as I worked diligently to boost my GPA and bring my grades up. With a negative attitude, this would have affected my work ethic and character and probably blocked me from doing as well.

Overall, this portfolio contains skills that I can carry with me throughout my whole future. Not only does it contain usable skills for the school scene, but also in the work scene when I begin a job and have deadlines and such. This portfolio taught me not to procrastinate and taught me smaller studying and everyday life skills that will help and motivate my studying throughout the rest of my time at Clemson.


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