I Got My Check, But Will I Check Out By: Sean beaucaire

It was 12:44 am 2014 and I was walking into the doctor's office. I walked in and I sat in a chair waiting for my chance to talk to the doctors. The walls were gray and looked like the paint was peeling and turning yellow. It smelled like hand sanitizer and throw up. The smell was as bad as a rotting dead body. Everyone in front of me seemed to be more sick than me so I just waited behind them. Everyone in front of me finished up and then it was my turn.

The woman at the deck said

"Hi, I am Dr. Smith how may I help you.”

I replied with "Hi, I am here to get a check up, it's been a couple of years,”

Dr. Smith said "Why so long you should get one once a year."

"Well," I said " I don't have a lot of money and I just saved up enough."

"Ok," she said "I will get you in right now."

When we were walking down the hall and I got a weird vibe. I don't know why but it was empty, dry, and cold. We got to the room and she sat me down on a chair and said

"Pardon me but can I have you help getting some supplies out of my car I need them for you and they are kind of heavy."

"Sure.” I said And we left.

We were walking back down the hall and out the door. And got to her car . We got the supplies and went back to the room. When we got there she told me it looks like I have some illness. She told me that I would need to move a minor surgery so I said ok. In the past doctors have told me that I might need to get a surgery soon but I never did because I did not have the money. She said if I don't get this surgery my skin will start to peel and so I would be sensitive to pretty much anything around me.

When they were first looking inside of me with a tube they noticed that there might be something else wrong with me. She said that it looked like there was a vain that looked like it would burst and if she made the wrong cut I could die. They gave me some medicine to knock me out and everything went black.

Time passed and then I woke up. All I could see was blood everywhere. She told me that was all of the medicine they could give without hurting me more so I would have to stay awake for the rest. It hurt a lot but I could not imagine if this happened and they did not give me numbing medicine. But yet again everything went black. I woke up and she said that I got knocked out from the blood loss.

"Is everything ok, please, tell me, tell me everything is ok, I have kids and I want them to have a father.”

She said I would need to rest but I would be ok after a few days.

"Trust me I know you're scared but you will be ok." She said.

I rested well and went back to the streets the next day. I sat down on my blanket, got my cup, and held up my sign. I was happy I got the surgery done and I would be ok. But then I thought if I was ok and she did not cut the vein why was there that much blood everywhere.

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