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"The National Building Museum is a place where everyone can build and create. We had fun building houses and bridges. We also had fun playing in a pool of plastic balls built by the museum. Engineering and design can be used not just to create homes or functional use, but also to create fun experiences for everyone!" Jasmine V.

First up was the FUN HOUSE exhibit designed by Snarkitecture!

All lined up to enter the Fun House!



"In STEAM class today we learned why it is so important to include the arts into our class. We have to understand why creativity is also important. The main reason to use creativity is to invent. Our teachers taught us to plan> build> test> then modify." -Morgen T.
"Creativity is using your imagination to create something unique, but does not have to be real. It is important for the future because if someone asks you to invent something, you want to come up with a unique idea that is easy to use but what the invention can solve or be used for is a complex idea or thing. - Gabby H.

We believe creativity and imagination is the key to innovation! Integrating the Arts into STEM provides a platform for students think outside of the box and design the impossible! Sci-Fi film and literature is a perfect example of how creativity and imaginary can lead to transformative inventions!

"To me creativity is using your imagination to design/make something. It is important to your future because if we use our imagination we can spark an idea, ask questions and create!" - Rachel S.
"My definition of creativity is that instead of doing something the way it has been done before you do it differently and i a way that is original. I think creativity is important to our future because it allows us to branch our and learn new ways to do something." - Violet G
"Creativity is a way to express yourself and thinking outside of the box. I think creativity is important to the future of everything like food, jobs, music, etc. Without creativity things wouldn't be so unique and less inventions would be available." -Michelle C.


A local amusement park has issue a challenge to roller coaster designers to determine who should build their next roller coaster. Design teams must prove that they can engineer an exciting roller coaster that meets the requirements, using as little money as possible.

Planning Stage: Our engineers draft ideas for their custom roller coaster design. Including loops, turns, splits, and more!
Building Stage: Teamwork makes the dream work!

TIC TAC SKYLINE - Building & Testing

Here are our final designs!


"This morning we presented our personal cells to the class, but they actually were not shaped like cells at all. Some were in the shape of hearts, fire flames, trees, and even an iPad! We learned that we all have a lot in common even though our shapes are different." - Julia Romm
Sharing and articulating ideas is a vital skill for all engineers and designers!



"When we did 3D Doodling, it was fun because there was a variety of designs among the class and it was exciting to see what everyone else created!" -Violet Gerson


"TinkerCAD is a fun way to make 3D printed designs. You can use different geometric shapes to build a structure. This can be a good program for people who have a little or a lot of experience." -Violet G.
"Here I am learning how to use digital tools, such as the hole feature to build a house with Morgen, my 3D printing partner." Gaby H.

Tic Tac Skyline - Planning & Designing

After learning the TinkerCAD basics, students used the Design Thinking Process to design a skyline that fits inside of a Tic Tac container! Yes, a Tic Tac container! [see example below]

Plan> Build> Test> Modify

Tic Tac Skyline example
Collaboration is an important part of the design process!


Enjoy a few time-lapse videos of our 3D Bookmark Designs!



"As a class we created cells represent different things in our life that we like. For example mine includes a basketball, television, and legos!" - Daniela Velasquez


"Today we got experience the inside of an accessible Ollie, which is a 3D printed and AI transportation device." -Mia Rosenblum-Solis
Local Motors is a ground mobility company focused on shaping the future for the better. Founded in 2007 with a belief in open collaboration and co-creation, Local Motors began low volume vehicle manufacturing of open-source designs using multiple micro-factories. Meet Olli, your friendly neighborhood mobility solution and the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric and cognitive shuttle. Oh and did we mention Olli is 3D Printed!!!
In this photo, you see a 3D printed model of the DMV.

In this video, you will see Morgen Thompson then joined by Julia Romm pushing an electric 3D printed car, called the Strati. It is the Italian name for layers. This electric car is one of the Local Motors cars that was 3D printed a couple years ago.

Here we are brainstorming ideas of different types of Ollis. This type of Olli helped solve a world problem. Some ideas where: Helping people with buying, ending world hunger, and giving out water.


Student were challenge to think about how Olli can be used to solve a world problem. They developed their ideas and edited a prototype to include new features that will help communities around the world. Each student's idea will be submitted to the Ollie development team for review and may selected form product in the future!

Don't forget to ask your daughter's about their design challenge idea and what problem they decided to address.


Reloading our 3Doodler with a special plastic, called filament.
We use glue sticks to help our designs stick to the paper temporarily.
Styling with our customized 3D Doodled Glasses!

Day 1 Reflections

Who's ready to build?!

Our STEAM Camp for girls is filled with fun engineering and design activities! Students spend seven days with Holton-Arms faculty designing bottle rockets, paper roller coasters, 3D printed designs, art-bots and other fun engineering projects. Students will use the design process to problem-solve, create, and revise solutions to engaging problems.

We have been prepping for STEAM Camp!

Our materials are in and we are excited to teach you all about 3D PRINTING on day one! See you on Thursday makers!

Get ready to make your own 3D printed sunglasses!

Testing out our NEW 3D PRINTERS!

How about a 3D printed bookmark? More to come!


Keep checking our STEAM Camp 2018 website to see pics and video of your daughters in action!


What are STEAM Camp's hours? Start time is 9am and the end time is 4pm.

What are the STEAM Camp dates? July 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13 [July 13 is the STEAM Exhibit; students are dismissed at 1pm]

What is the STEAM Exhibit? On Friday July 13th from 12:30pm - 1pm we will host a STEAM Exhibit showcasing some of the projects we have worked on during STEAM Camp. Parents and immediate family are welcome to join us in celebration of your daughters' work. Free admission and treats included! 😉

Where do I drop off my daughter? Please drop off at Holton's Main Entrance [top of the front circle near the security desk]. Mr. Howard or Ms. Hassell I will be there to greet students as early as 8:55am, but you are welcome to drop your daughter off a bit earlier [there is always a security guard at the desk]. We recommend dropping off no earlier than 8:30am to avoid the general Creative Summer carpool traffic.

Where do I pick up my daughter? The STEAM Camp pickup location is also at Holton's Main Entrance. Carpool line starts as early as 3:45pm. If you arrive any earlier, you may run into the general Creative Summer carpool traffic.

What classroom is the STEAM Camp located in? We are located in room D206 in the upper school section of Holton-Arms School.

When and where are the field trips? Local Motors on July 5th, the National Building Museum on July 10th, and the ARTECHOUSE on July 12th.

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