Noah Batson Legacy High School Varsity tennis captain

Game time. varsity doubles partners Noah Batson, 12, and Jantzen Redwine, 9, receive some mid-match pointers from Coach Redwine, "I will always take advice on how to improve my game," Batson said. "Whatever will help me beat the other guy." The match ended Oct 8 with a win against Summit. "I feel a greater responsibility now as a captain. It's my job to lead the team and get us that win." Batson said.
At the match, Noah Batson, 12, waits to be told what court he will play on, but do to COVID-19 all tennis players, when not playing, must wear a mask. "It was weird at first," Batson said. "But if it means we can still play [tennis]. I'll wear it as long as I need to. This season going to look different this year, but you can still count on Legacy coming out on top."

"Sure it could be cleaner, but there are years of hard work ingrained in that hat,' Batson said. He used to regularly wear that hat but has since moved on to a new hat since it goes with this year's uniform. "I still wear the hat, just during practices, not games," Batson said.

"So yeah I made captain this year," Batson said. "That was the most exciting moment right there, but it also gave me more responsibility, I'm looking out for the team, keeping the motivation up, but really just making sure we have fun as a team."

Noah Batson's, 12, red tennis hat has several sweat stains and several more unidentified ones, "I have washed it," Batson said. "Just not recently, though my parents do encourage me to wash it every now and then." Noah Batson doesn't wear the hat as often using his new hat more since it matches the new uniforms.

Noah Batson stands on the court as he prepares to serve the ball. "Tennis is a team sport, but it's also an individual sport. When you play singles, it gives you time to focus on yourself. I think I improve more in singles because it's all on you. You can't put blame on anyone else," Batson said. "In doubles I'm probably more serious because I don't want to let my partner down."

Good luck hat? Varsity captain Noah Batson, 12, sure thinks so. Batson's tennis hat shows many signs that it has seen better days, rarely washed but worn constantly, "It's not gross! It's lucky," Batson said.

Close to the end of the season, Noah Batson stays late after the match against Burleson High School to practice serves a few more times. "If I wasn't doing as well in one area, I go and practice it," Batson said. "Plus, I really like tennis and that way I don't have to go home and do homework."