Grant is Celebrating Diversity Chaldean culture

My name is Grant Mazin Kizy. My name Grant means preasent in Chaldean. We came from Iraq because of the war.

My family came from Iraq. This is the population of Iraq. The population is 2,000.

My dad is a dentist

This is not my dad.

My family came to Amarica because of jobs. There were no good jobs in Iraq.

  1. I was born in Michagain U.S.A. September 18 2008. The city Sterling Heights. Michigan is the state that looks like a mitten.

This is a map of Michigan. Sterling Heights is by Detroit.

I speak english but I understand Chaldean that my grandma speaks. So I have to speak Chaldean.

Grape leaves

My favorite food is dolma because it has meat,onions, meat, rice and a lot of spices so it taste spicy.

My family's favorite holiday is Christmas another thing I like is having a huge family. We have a dance called the pinky dance.

This not my real bird

We have A pet bird🐥. He is 2 years old. He is not named yet. He likes to sing a lot to a mear.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Iraq.


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