Fall Art Profolio Art by Cameron Lowery

I took Advanced Art this year to improve my art making skills and to learn new techniques with different medias. I hope this year will help prepare me for my next three years of Art, because iplan to continue taking art in order to become a more productive artist and student.

The piece I am most proud of so far this year is my watercolor painting of an owl. My finsihed product is pictured below. As I prepared to do this project, I learned to think ahead. As you know water color paintings are alot harder to fix errors, or change things on, rather than acrylic paints, which I have worked with in the past. learning this new skill I feel will help me in future planning of art designs and projects.

A project I wish I could redo would be my watercolor painting of my eye. As I was doing this project I relized that some parts of my eye did not line up, which made it look unproportionate. I still liked how this project turned out, but if I were to do it again I would take more time when working on my drawing so I don't have to fix those mistakes while painting. This finished product is pictured below.

Some Artistic behaviors I feel I have improved on this year are engage and persist & Planning ahead. At the begining of the year we started working on projects of our choice where we had to incorperate a page of an dictionary into the design of our art and base the design off one of the words on the page. I chose to use the word adrift for inspiration and I painted a scene in acrylic paints of the ocean along, with a bottle with a note in it. As I was doing this project I became frusterated on making the water look like a real ocean and making the sand look realistic. I later decided to use real sand and apply it to the beach part of the painting to give it a neat texture. I had to stop working on this painting for while in order to start an charcol drawing with the rest of the class. I later came back to this painting and finished it earlier this 9 weeks. I feel that this project helped me become engaged in Art class, because I used more that one media and I was allowed to change things up. As I said before I started a self portrait charcol drawing earlier this semester. After I had done my original drawing of my face and I had transfered it over to my paper, I began to fill in the lighter colored areas with a white charcol pencil. I had to make sure I did all the white areas first so the white and black pencils didn't blend together and make an undesirable color of gray. I also had to make sure my drawing was very detailed and proportionate so that the final product turned out right. While working on this project I think I learned better how to plan ahead.

A goal I have for the next semester is to practice using some different types of new medias such as pastels, more drawings, and maybe some more acrylic paintings. I want to do some new and different things with my art and work on improving my skills and experiences in each of these. I also want to work more with clay on the wheel and with building clay sculptures and things like that.

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