Protecting & Promoting Journalism Social Media Campaign

Protecting & Promoting Journalism

Target Audience

Like it or not, journalism in an elite product. Notably, The Economist, NPRThe New Yorker, Wall Street Journal and New York Times have largely affluent audiences, with around 40 percent of readers making more than $75,000 a year. Source: Pew

Pew has also found that most typical news audiences have a higher level of education than the general public and readers of newspapers and news magazines are more educated than the audiences of TV news. Source: Pew

Based on this, our audience will primarily be college graduates, working professionals & executives, advanced degree holders, middle and upper class individuals, and opinion leaders.

Where to find our audience

Source: LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

28% of adult internet users and 23% of entire adult population use Twitter. According to Pew, LinkedIn is "popular among college graduates, those in higher-income households and the employed," the specific audience this campaign is targeting. 50 percent of all college graduates use the site. Source: Pew

Source: Oracle Datalogix CPG ROI Norms, Twitter vs. the Open Web, Feb 2016 (2X average sales lift, 2.4X average penetration lift)
Source: GWI Q1 2015 USA (index vs. average Internet user)
Heather Andrew, CEO of @neuro_insight (2014)

23% of adult internet users and 19% of entire adult population use Twitter. According to Pew, Twitter is "particularly popular among those under 50 and the college-educated." Since 2013, Twitter has seen a significant increase in those who live in households with an annual household income of $50,000 or more, college graduates, and urbanites. Source: Pew

Goals and engagement


Drive website traffic

Our site——will be a starting point for our other three goals. It will have an option to donate, define our ideals, and drive traffic to local newspapers. To support this effort, our social media campaign will strive to drive 1000 views to our site per day for the first ten day and with traffic growing by 10% per month after that for the first six months.

Solicit donations

Our campaign hope to raise money to support a scholarship fund for journalism students and fund our operations. Through this campaign we would hope to raise $50,000 in 6 months for our general fund to be allocated to our various initiatives.

Promote our ideals

While less tangible than our other goals, promoting journalistic endeavors is central to our mission and the preservation of our free market of ideas. Success in this goal would be determined by retweets, shares, likes and use of #realnews.

Support local journalism

While our effort will be non-profit, it will hope to promote subscriptions to local newspapers. We would strike to have a 10% click-through rate on ads promoting a local newspaper.


Photo journalism contest

To engage with our project, we would start a photo journalism contest. Our Twitter followers could submit there best newsworthy photos for a feature by tweeting them at us and we would judge them and pick a winner. For the winning photo, we would partner with a national journalist who would then write a feature story based on the image.

Example campaigns

The Truth Is Hard & Democracy Dies in Darkness

While our effort will be independent on for-profit journalism ad campaigns, promoting and protecting journalism should be cognizant of both The New York Times and Washington Post's latest ad campaigns, called The Truth is Hard and Democracy Dies in Darkness respectively.

The Truth Is Hard—
Democracy Dies in Darkness—

Designed posts


The Twitter aspect of the campaign will primarily serve to drive traffic to our website, solicit donation, and promote our ideals. To do so, we will use #realnews to drive the conversation and create sharable content. Below are sample tweets and images that could be used on Twitter.

Sample tweets and images for Twitter. The quote is from Lord Northcliffe and would be attributed in the attached tweet.


The LinkedIn aspect of the campaign will primarily serve to support local journalism, which is one of the primary goals of our campaign. Based on demographic data, LinkedIn users are likely already national news consumers, but local journalism is still less popular with the group. This aspect of the campaign will seek to address that gap.

Each post would be target based on local newspapers. For instance, individuals in Sacramento, California would find a link to subscribe to the Sacramento Bee attached to the image while individuals in Little Rock, Arkansas would find a link to subscribe to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Sample image to accompany post on LinkedIn.


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