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Jaw-dropping scenery. Pure mountain air. Diverse terrain. Fascinating wildlife. Famously friendly locals. When it comes to hiking and backpacking, Alberta is close to paradise. Whether you’re looking for a leg-burning challenge, or a gentle scenic stroll, you’ll find breathtaking trails a-plenty in the Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis, and Lake Louise areas.

For the safest, smoothest, most authentic mountain adventure, an expert hiking guide will make your journey unforgettable—sharing local insider tips, fascinating knowledge about the area, and some great stories too.

If you want to be inspired and enriched by new experiences, interesting people and memorable moments, don’t miss these unique guided hiking experiences led by passionate local experts.


One such expert is Canmore’s Jenna Nodding: a real-deal mountain expert who feeds off the energy of wild places.

Jenna has spent 5 months following the white blazes along the Appalachian Trail, 2 weeks hiking across Baffin Island, 15 days exploring the high altitude passes of the Nepalese Himalayas, and over 500 nights sleeping in her trusty MSR Hubba tent.

Today, as an ACMG-certified guide, owner and operator of local adventure company Get Outside and a practicing physiotherapist, Jenna is passionate about teaching others how to discover the beauty of the outdoors and create their own adventure.

No matter your hiking experience, she’ll help you learn new skills, believe in your own abilities, and safely step outside your comfort zone into some incredible experiences.


Need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life or a jam-packed travel itinerary? Increase your peace and find meaningful connection to nature with a Mindfulness Hike, focused on reconnecting, rather than the physical push.

Facilitated by Modern + Mindful and Get Outside, you’ll be guided beyond the crowds of Banff National Park to experience a full day of hiking where you will pause to engage all five of your senses. Surrounded by a forest wonderland, you will take time to enjoy your surroundings, and experience moments of hiking silently, eating mindfully, and guided meditations.

“The day could not have been set up more perfectly, and the hike was incredibly well suited for mindfulness hiking. Beautiful wildflowers, mountain and valley views, and a hike just hard enough to make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. I felt blessed to experience nature and hiking in a new way. I highly recommend this trip and I’ll be signing up for the next one!” -- Lynn, Canmore


When the sun goes down and the moon and stars light up the night, the peaceful stillness makes for an extraspecial hiking atmosphere in the Rockies.

On a memorable July evening, Cherie from Canmore joined Get Outside for a Full Moon Hike:

“I went by myself, and despite being the oldest probably (mid-forties), and having limited experience with hiking, I felt welcome and comfortable. It was the perfect avenue for me, as I am not comfortable trying out new hikes by myself. It was an opportunity to get out and explore in a safe and fun way. We had ample time to take breaks and spend time at the finishing point to take everything in, and take photos. There were lots of educational components too, learning about the different flowers, plant life, trees, etc. I absolutely recommend this experience!”


From skill-building 2-Day Women’s Intro to Backpacking, 3-Day Women’s Next Step Backpacking experiences and 2-Day Women’s Intro to Winter Camping, to the bucket-list-worthy 4-Day Banff Highline Trail and 5-Day Rockwall Trail, or customised Private Trips (such as the Sawback Trail from Johnston Canyon to Lake Louise), Get Outside’s multi-day adventures will leave you inspired by the beauty of the backcountry, and empowered to keep exploring.

“Jenna led our group of 5 women on our first extended hiking/camping trip. She took the stress out of the planning by providing delicious and filling lightweight meals, a detailed guide of what we would do and what to expect, and an easygoing and friendly answer to our many questions. The route was gorgeous, the company unparalleled, and the planning impeccable.” -- Meryl, Calgary


When wintertime arrives, thick blankets of soft powder snow descend upon the mountains and hiking season transforms into snowshoeing season.

Imagine taking a starlit snowshoe journey through a snowy forest, enjoying a hot drink in a mountain meadow, being dazzled by a sky bursting with stars, and awed by the amazing vastness of the Milky Way.

Guests have seen Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), meteor showers, and even a meteorite! Afterwards, you’ll relax by the fire and indulge in decadent chocolate fondue. Sounds heavenly, right?

For an unforgettable winter evening, experience a guided Stargazing Snowshoe Fondue Tour led by passionate local guiding experts Kananaskis Outfitters.

Lisa from Calgary says this experience is a must-do:

“Snowshoeing by moonlight was magical. Watching the moon crest over the mountains, seeing frozen waterfalls, learning about the area, and the sky full of stars is something everyone should experience.”


Ever wanted to discover your inner herbalist? A plant medicine walk is a unique opportunity to dive deeply into the therapeutic wonders of Alberta’s natural world.

Rachel from Mother Nature’s First Aid Kit will help you unlock the secrets of the forest to incorporate its healing and nutritional power into your daily life, offering guided walks, and an herbalism first aid guide for the ultimate addition to your outdoor recreation toolkit.

To experience the traditional wisdom of First Nations culture, join Indigenous guide Brenda from Mahikan Trails for a peaceful and scenic walk through the boreal forest. Touching, tasting and walking (or snow shoeing) your way to connect with the land, this authentic journey is a chance to learn how to use the plants for food, tools and even clothing.

Want more leg-stretching outdoor adventure in the Rockies?

Experience a short scenic mountain hike which leads you to an otherworldly 30m-undergound journey to the heart of Grotto Mountain with Canmore Cave Tours, or a part scavenger hunt-part, part escape room, part Amazing Race adventure with Mystery Towns. Visit the Adventure Hub to explore all the great experiences we have to offer!

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