Architecture 2700 Portfolio By: Nathan Carlton

Structural Equilibrium

Using only three wooden rods and five strands of string, the one pound cube is able to stand perfectly level in an elevated position.
Tensions creates an equilibrium among all elements of the model.
The wooden rods were carved to a point and scored on the ends in order for the string to attach.
The rods were inserted into grooves in the base and the string tightly strung.
The design is inspired by a pyramid structure on top of an inverted pyramid for maximum structural support of the cube.
Free Body Diagram Diagram of Forces

Structural Live Load

The main objective of this project was to create a two foot wide structure that was aesthetic, strong, and efficient with materials.
For our design, we used triangles that overlapped and stretched to the corners and middle of the bridge.
Our structure supported a load of 25.5 pounds before collapsing at the major joints of the triangle supports.
Design of Trusses

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