Customer Experience Testimonials

Jackie F.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your customer service and warranty! So easy to deal with and so very friendly. I highly recommend UPPAbaby products!

Veronique F.

We decided to buy several UPPAbaby products because we had read about the outstanding quality of the UPPAbaby products, but also about the exceptional customer service of the company. I recently had a small issue with my MESA car seat while I was traveling and I contacted UPPAbaby customer care. I was so impressed with the easiness of the experience. It just made me an even bigger fan of the company. I am a customer for life. I could not give a stronger recommendation for the company.

Rebekah A.

Amazing customer service from @UPPAbaby - got in touch with you on Thursday about a glitch with my stroller frame. Staff wrote back within minutes to help me figure it out and it’s only Tuesday and the new frame just got delivered!

Brahim E.

Wow, @UPPAbaby you have amazing support. Support staff quickly root caused the issue, then literally shipped me a complete new frame to fix it, all within days. For a product that is 3 years old. Thank you!! Best support in a long while!

Chelsey C.

My family has purchased the CRUZ, VISTA, and MESA car seat. Anytime we’ve ever needed anything regarding their product we have had an exceptional experience with friendly helpful people and prompt response and shipping. What an amazing company UPPAbaby is. I recommend their products to everyone! I only wish they had more products for my babies as they get older! Thank you UPPAbaby you truly are the best in the business❤️


@UPPAbaby never fails to impress! So happy with the help I received from Customer Experience agent, Lauren. I feel even more confident in my Ub recommendations to family and friends! Thank you fr helping with my MINU and VISTA!

Lauren T.

I was lucky enough to be looked after by you and your team of mechanical angels at the Tune Up event at Couture Kids in LA a couple of weeks ago. I just received the replacement seat for my daughter's CRUZ stroller that you arranged for me and I wanted to thank you again for your incredible service. I was already impressed with the UPPAbaby products but coupled with the wonderful service that you and your team provided has certainly made me an advocate and a customer for life.


Shout out to @UPPAbaby for the awesome customer service for our VISTA stroller. Fast, friendly, and extremely helpful. Thanks!

Ian L.

Huge shout out to Erin at @UPPAbaby support for fixing our CRUZ! 🙏 We truly cannot thank you enough, it means the world to us. We ❤️ UPPAbaby! #grateful #happycustomer #thankyou

A. Rayman

@UPPAbaby Just want to give you a shoutout for your excellent customer service! #thankyou for your awesome #CustomerService

Pat V.

Resigned to getting a whole new VISTA, I reached out to UPPAbaby via email. My request was to purchase a new seat for the stroller. Little did I know what was in store. Samantha was great, getting back to me quickly and asking for pictures and our mailing address. Apparently, we were still under warranty and Samantha made arrangements to ship us a new frame at no cost to us. I was amazed. Normally, I would have expected some kind of run around, a cost involved, a full purchase, something. Nope. Not this time. UPPAbaby resolved the issue right away. In fact, the replacement frame arrived before the tracking email even hit my inbox! So, UPPAbaby, you are batting 1.000 right now. Not only do you have a great product (we also have a CRUZ in the spirit of transparency), but your customer service and customer experience is amazing. Thank you for everything!

Ashley L.

Had one of the best ever customer service experiences, all thanks to Emma at @UPPAbaby ☺️ this mama is very grateful 🙌🏼

Yoel E.

I cannot recommend UPPAbaby enough! Their customer service is top tier and their strollers are worth every penny!

Megan P.

@UPPAbaby another amazing experience with your customer service team. Seriously the best out there. Thanks for standing by your product! Would buy again and again.

Lisandra J.

We purchased our VISTA stroller at Magic Beans in Boston. The sales person told us that UPPAbaby was not only amazing with their designs, but also had outstanding customer service. We are so happy we chose to buy our baby gear from UPPAbaby, including the Travel Bag. Because when we travel, we like to take our stroller with us to keep our children comfortable. In a recent trip, our stroller got some damages and UPPAbaby replaced everything immediately. The entire process was very simple and easy. We couldn't be happier with the design of our stroller (we all love it and enjoy it!) and the customer service we received! We highly recommend UPPAbaby, the products are worth every penny and the customer service is very reliable and responsive. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Jenna G.

Just has my first interaction with customer service and it was WONDERFUL! Erin was speedy and super helpful. I'm so glad I purchased the CRUZ stroller and MESA car seat for my little. We originally purchased a different brand travel system when she was first born and I regret not just starting with UPPAbaby. Completely worth every penny.

Chana G.

The customer service I have received from UPPAbaby is truly legendary. As I mentioned in our phone conversation, I am blown away. So please pass on my thanks, which go to Pete and Eva from the tune up event yesterday, to all the other wonderful support staff. I remain a proud UPPAbaby mom

Rochel L.

Love UPPAbaby! I just had a wonderful experience with Alanna @ UPPAbaby customer service. She was helpful, professional and assisted me with utmost patience! Thanks Alanna, Another reason I always recommend your products- Outstanding Customer Service!

Brian K.

My wife is currently pregnant with triplets. This has presented many challenges most people don't think about until you're in this position. One of these challenges was finding car seats that were a combination of reliable/safe, comfortable for the babies, fashionable and would all fit in the back seat of a vehicle. We purchased a competitor’s set and they were extremely tight in the row across to where it was unsafe, and the seats were so long I couldn't put my driver's seat back much at all to a comfortable driving position. We exchanged these for three of the 2018 infant MESA in Jordan from Buy Buy Baby on Sunday. So far, I'm extremely impressed by the ease of installation and the safety features on the base. In the past I always questioned whether I had the base/car seat strapped in tight enough. The incorporation of the red to green indicator on the base and the level indicator is so comforting to any adult to know you have it installed correctly. This should be a requirement with any car seat. The base latches are another great feature. Most companies just have these latches as seatbelt type straps which require manual tightening. The fact that your latches retract and lock as they retract makes getting the base as securely as possible a very simple task. You even thought to add rubber strips to the bottom of the car seat to prevent it from sliding on hard surfaces! The MESA allows me to put my driver’s seat back to a comfortable position for driving. My wife and I love the design and are very pleased with our purchase. I'm the type of person who appreciates design and engineering. When I find a company who really spends the time to develop a product that stands out from the rest and just gets things right when executing I always look to that company for more products. I can say UPPAbaby is one of those companies I'll be adding to my list.

Erica R.

Thank you UPPAbaby for the excellent customer service. Molly, the rep, was extremely professional, friendly, and thorough while helping me resolve an issue. If only more companies had representatives such as yours. I truly love the products we have bought from you. And a big thank you to Molly!

Thomas F.

Thank you @UPPAbaby for excellent customer service and great insurance through your travel bag. #satisfiedcustomer seen here

Infinite Designs

Thank you to @UPPAbaby for replacing our #VISTA wheels with the new 2018 rims. @UPPAbaby is an amazing #USA based company producing quality products. I can't imagine using any other upmarket brand.

Fiona M.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much to you and the team for tuning up my CRUZ last Sunday at Babybarn. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but you blew all of my expectations out of the water with the clean up, 4 new wheels and fixing my canopy so that it stayed up. I am a huge fan of my UPPAbaby CRUZ and take it wherever we go. We must have covered thousands of miles in 6 different countries and now can continue to cover several more. I always advocate our Cruz to friends and family and this extra service just goes to show what a great brand it is. Thanks again and hope you are able to enjoy a well earned rest now!

Jade E.

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to the #TuneUPGearUP crew, who were at the A3 Baby Barn today. They replaced my wobbly chassis with a brand new one and a new shopping basket; I feel like I have a new pram now, which is perfect considering 5 weeks ago I had my second child. I’m absolutely chuffed! Thanks team!

Ning-Ju J.

I wanted to give a shout out to Emma at UPPAbaby support for being so helpful and responding to my emails promptly. I was missing a latch to my PiggyBack (they seem to drop off easily) and was down to only one. She is shipping two of them to me for free! Thanks so much Emma!

Rajesh M.

Massive thank you to an amazing brand. Customer services helped resolve an issue with our VISTA pram. Brilliant aftercare!

Kevin T.

Not sure who I spoke to on the phone today, but many thanks to them for their speedy help in trying to get a missing piece of @UPPAbaby_UK to us. You guys seem great! #CustomerService

Jennifer B.

@UPPAbaby has the best customer service! Appreciate the new wheels! #ilovemyuppababy #uppababyrules

Deirdre D.

Thank you to Julie D., who provided exceptional customer service to me last week. I am visiting from California, my parents live here in Massachusetts. My UPPAbaby VISTA stroller frame was taken out of the back of my father’s truck & I was devastated. Julie helped me get a new stroller frame (luckily I registered before my trip). Julie I appreciated your professional, helpful attitude.

Katie B.

Thank you UPPAbaby for replacing my faulty VISTA chassis. I reported the fault to them on Tuesday and the new one arrived on Thursday... lifesaver! Thank you for such great customer service. x

Stephnie M.

@UPPAbaby for the win. Not only am I obsessed with my stroller but their customer service is amazing! Kudos to Tracey! 👌🏻

Chris C.

@UPPAbaby is setting the absolute gold standard in post-purchase customer service. Even if you don’t have kids, you should buy their stuff just to experience what good customer service feels like. #kudos

Sian R.

Just wanted to say what amazing customer service you offer as a company. Nothing is too much trouble, responses are prompt and staff are helpful and polite. We had an issue with our 2014 VISTA and you went way above and beyond what we were expecting. We always recommend our VISTA to new parents and this confirms why. Thank you! 😁

Alexandra L.

Received amazing customer support today and am very appreciative for the understanding and diligence of this company. It was a lot of money for me to buy my stroller but the product and service has made it worth every penny! Thank you UPPAbaby! 🙏🏻😊

Ashley M.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service today at the UPPAbaby tune-up. I was wowed by how friendly everyone was and what a great feeling the UPPAbaby headquarters left me with. I was also so happy with the fixes you were able to do on my stroller. We already have several UPPAbaby products and after our experience today will continue to buy more and recommend them to others. Thanks again for your great work!

Katherine H.

Just wanted to say thank you to UPPAbaby for their amazing customer service over the years! I love a company who stands by their products and does everything they can to support and keep their customers happy!

Kim O.

I had to come back and say that I have never come across more helpful customer service than just now. Couriered a new frame to me at no cost, don’t need me to faff about shipping old one, and so so helpful and understanding. I might be in shock, I was already for being told it was my problem. Will continue to praise this pram to everybody I encounter!

Megan T.

UPPAbaby your customer service and support are SO GOOD - you’re a model to all companies out there. Thank you for helping me keep my 2013 stroller going strong. If we need to add to our huge stroller collection it will be one of yours!

Alexia M.

Just want to say what amazing CS you guys have, I called for a technical support question and received replacement products. It’s nice that there is a company who puts the safety of our children at the top of their priority list and actually follows through on that commitment.Thank you Danielle with CS service for your commitment and help. You guys rock!

Jessica B.

Just wanted to say how much I 💗 UPPAbaby! A big thank you to Samantha from CS for being so sweet & helpful. You guys rock! 🤗

Kenna K.

Just received my replacement wheels for my CRUZ stroller! Thank you UPPAbaby for your assistance! I will continue to recommend your products to everyone! Their durability and quality craftsmanship along with your wonderful customer service support staff makes them worth every penny paid!

Jenn S.

Super impressed with @UPPAbaby - noticed my stroller’s frame broke 😫 called customer support and within minutes Molly sent me a new frame!

Urbanistas C.

@UPPAbaby thank you for sending the free replacement chassis so quickly - excellent customer service!

Maggie P.

I am very pleased with how quick UPPAbaby’s customer experience team had contacted me. They also sent me a replacement frame for my toddler seat which was shipped and arrived at my home before I returned from our vacation. I am happy to report that UPPAbaby has been true to their warranty that comes with the Travel Bag. Definitely worth the purchase.


What amazing customer service! I went to an event at the The Baby Store in Queens, UPPAbaby is the best! It was quick and I'm so thrilled with the service and the stroller!

Paco A.

Working at @freshbooks has spoiled me about what good customer service means. So refreshing when other places do it right too. Thanks @UPPAbaby for a wonderful experience #doingitright #customersfirst

Margot B.

I’m always thoroughly impressed with UPPAbaby in terms of both product quality and customer service. What would normally be a drag-of-a-customer service experience with most companies has always been a pleasant (even enjoyable?) experience with UB. Not only are your products beautifully and thoughtfully designed, but you happily put the customer first and it shows! You’ve earned a customer for life in me. 👍 👍

Danica W.

Back in February 2013 I bought an UPPAbaby VISTA, five years and three babies later, it is still going strong! I live in Manitoba, Canada, where we have extreme weather conditions ranging from -30 to +30 degrees C, we have salt and gravel on roads all winter long and this stroller has been unreal! Im so impressed with the quality and how it has worked for all my children (PiggyBack, Rumble Seat) I've told everyone about it, my sister in law bought one, and then three of my friends here in Minnedosa MB. I believe I have put amazing mileage on this baby, very impressed and happy with the quality of this stroller over the years. Cheers!

James L.

I want to mention that Lisa from your customer service department is amazing and patient and extremely hard working! Thank you for solving my stroller issue!

Jen B.

@UPPAbaby ‘s customer service is amazing. Thank you Alanna for fixing my problem! ♥️

Jason P.

When traveling, especially with a baby, something is bound to go wrong. Over the last week I've spent a lot of time on the 📞 with customer service because of things that went wrong. Shout out to @UPPAbaby for being amazing and getting us a replacement wheel in a rush.

Marcie K.

I am so thrilled about the amazing customer service that I received from UPPAbaby. The lady was so helpful and made my the process so smooth and was so accommodating (Myra). The stroller is amazing and such good quality. I would definitely recommend UPPAbaby because of the quality and the awesome customer service. They really stand behind their products. 🙂

Claire L.

Thank you for such great customer service! Had the best experience today getting a replacement part for our UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBack. Thank you!!!

Sarah K.

I want to shout out and say that UPPAbaby has amazing customer service. I had my vista stroller for 4.5 years and past warranty. The stroller frame snapped last week and they send me a new one for free. I was very surprised but happy. The seat is in good condition still and the bassinet is still in great condition as the bassinet was only used for 2 kids for a few months each. My daughter is 2 years and I‘m due at the end of march. It makes things so much easier that I know I still have a good stroller. Especially now that it’s winter and easier to push in the snow. I also live in the New York where I walk a lot.


Wendy L.

Hi there! I own 2015 UPPAbaby vista stroller and I recently had some issues with the front wheels locking while using the stroller. When I called customer service, they offered to send me a brand new frame free of charge (even though my warranty had already expired for a few months). What incredible customer service! Thank you!!!

Alejandra L.

Sorry to irrupt in here but I just wanted to say how outstanding the customer service of UB is! I had an issue with the brake of my stroller and the following day the replacement frame was at my door. Thanks for taking such good care of your customers!

Jacob M.

Bought a new CRUZ for my baby! Had some issues with it bouncing and called customer service; sent new rear wheels night and day difference! Thanks for the great service! 😘🙌🏽🤘🏽👍🏻

Eric M.

I can’t say enough about @uppababy! I contacted them about the latch that broke on my stroller to make it stay closed and stand up, THEY SENT ME A BRAND NEW ONE!! All because the warranty card was filled out. PS- thanks to @greatestnonnie because she knew I would forget too.

Jennifer V.

@UPPAbaby Thank you to your Customer Experience team who were very helpful! We’re back on the road with our new wheels. Thanks!

Bridget C.

I wasn't able to participate but wanted to share some advice when traveling with the VISTA and using the travel bag. My family just got back from a 10 day trip to Ireland and we were so happy with our purchase of the UPPAbaby VISTA travel bag. We have the adapters for the second seat and never took them off the stroller. Unfortunately, the adapters punctured the bag. Thankfully, we received a replacement bag at no additional cost, we just had to send the old one back. We are so happy we brought this stroller with us as my son took every nap in his stroller and the extra space in the basket was essential. Without this bag I can honestly say we would all be a little more tired and disgruntled without having brought the VISTA with us. We had 5 hotel switches, one train ride, two airplane rides and many miles on the stroller. Thank you for such great customer service and quality!!

Natalia R.

It’s a great stroller and their customer service is outstanding!! Great materials and worth the price!! I love UPPAbaby and all what they offer.

Charity M.

Always impressed by UPPAbaby’s customer service. Maria was quick to get back to me with a response when I emailed on Thursday and I received the replacement today! Thank you 🙂

Sofia Louise Brushaber

I want to thank UPPAbaby for the always amazing customer service! They are always going above and beyond to back their products, and THAT is what makes me a repeat customer and what makes the investment worth it. 💕💕💕

Melissa Mendes

UPPAbaby, I can't thank you enough for making an incredible car seat that saved my daughter's life last year. We had read the reviews, and had felt like it was the best for our daughter, hoping to never actually find out firsthand. Unfortunately, we were in a terrible car accident last year, and your Mesa car seat saved our four month old. Our UPPAbaby Vista stroller was also in the trunk of our vehicle, and couldn't be retrieved, so I had to be in contact with your customer service department to replace pieces of it. The customer service team is incredible, and we had our replacement parts the very next day. Thank you doesn't seem enough for saving my baby, your products are exemplary.


Absolutely love this stroller! Perfect for city life. The brake got stuck yesterday and no longer works. Just got off the phone with your AWESOME customer service and they are sending us a new frame!

Erin Bliss

Another incredible UPPAbaby experience, I wanted to post about this for anyone out there debating an UPPAbaby purchase... I have had the Jake Vista since July 2015. At one point there was an issue with the break - UPPAbaby immediately sent a new frame, no questions asked, it was so easy. Last year, I purchased the rumble seat via Amazon and when it arrived it was missing a part. UPPAbaby had it in the mail same day. Then, a few weeks ago I was flying on a commercial flight, my Vista gate checked in the travel bag. When we got home we realized the foot rest on the seat had been broken off. I emailed UPPAbaby, got an almost immediate response and my new seat is on it's way. I could not be more pleased with the customer service I continue to receive from this company - years after my initial purchase! They are so quick to respond to customer inquiry, helpful, clear, concise. I did a lot of research before I bought the Vista. I invested in something that I wanted to be useful to me and my family for many years to come, a tool that would make my life easier. I'm so glad I chose UPPAbaby, they are still making our life easier. Best money I ever spent. Thank you, UPPAbaby and thank you Maria (my customer care representative).

Mike Moreno

Whenever I call @UPPAbaby customer service they're alway so helpful and friendly! #babystrollers

Danit Ariel

Hi Jen,

I want to give you unsolicited feedback on Emma C. She has helped me with a replacement part for my uppababy vista stroller. I was uncertain as to what the outcome would be when I called back in August 2017, and she was remarkably helpful from day 1 until today when we have finally succeeded in a solution.

Let me enumerate the ways:

She was kind, pleasant, and friendly. Eager to listen and ask questions to elicit information from me that would help her solve my problem at hand. She was communicative and very logical. Went out of her way to try to find a creative solution. Referred me to tune-up tour videos on your website, which I have since used. Guided me from her personal experiences. Created trust in me, with her and the company. Followed up with email and a reference number for me to have for my records. Was patient as I took an unnecessary amount of time to decide on a new color of seat fabric. Made me feel heard.

Really gave me the sense that UPPAbaby is a company made of people who care about their customers and who are happy to help us moms out there, make our lives a little better and easier.

It was such a pleasant experience working with Emma C that I literally feel like I want to run out and make a promotional video to tell everyone how amazing the company is and how extraordinary the customer service is. Quite unique in today's day and age.

Sam Sprague

Good Morning, I am writing to you because I recently was having an issue with my UPPAbaby MESA. I reached out to the customer service department and "Kelly A" was assigned to my case. She worked with me for several weeks trying new things and eventually resolving my case. She had great communication, was very professional, helpful, and very responsive to my messages. I just wanted to let you know she did a great job. Thanks!

Timothy Christofferson

We love your company. I brought our son and daughter in law’s VISTA for a tuneup to the Tadpole Store today. Your employees were amazingly energetic and engaging. Very impressive. They like their jobs and made the experience fun. We were given the prize of the day....the G-LUXE. Olivia is 2 and you can see her happiness. She has a 4 week old brother who can now take over the VISTA. Perfect! Thank you so much for being such a great company.

Karen Seraphim

Thanks for the tune up at TJ Kids today!!! My Vista practically pushes itself now!!! Your impressive customer service is appreciated😃

Gabi Harvey

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to your customer service team! The brake on our VISTA stopped engaging and after a quick phone call and exchange of information, they immediately sent us a replacement frame! And we only had to send the old one back after receiving the new one so we never had to be without a stroller. So pleasant, helpful, and thoughtful! We had always loved our stroller and now we love the company, too! :-) <3

Gina Cohen

@UPPAbaby INCREDIBLE customer service in getting our broken stroller replaced. Lucky "superhuman strength" was covered.


Got kids? Check out the @UPPAbaby Vista stroller... I had a minor issue. Their cust svc had a replacement at my door the very next day...


@UPPAbaby shoutout to #uppababy for having #AWESOME customer service and fixing my issue in less than a day! #disneybound #thankyou

Yixin Wang

Thank you so much, your customer service team rocks! UPPAbaby is my fav baby item ever!

Katie Long

@UPPAbaby shoutout to Danielle and her amazing customer service. Girl deserves a raise if you ask me! 🙌🏻

Kristina Lock

Hi Sam, I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting the Tune-Up in Cambridge. I was totally impressed with the whole experience. The team was so kind! They went out of their way to be helpful and the work they did on my stroller made a big difference. It's something that I never would have done myself, but I know it will extend the life of the stroller. I can't think of another company that goes out of its way to do something so kind for its customers AFTER they've already made their purchase. It's impressive and means a lot to me. We're hoping to have another child in the coming year and you can bet that we'll be purchasing the VISTA. Won't buy anything but UPPA now and can't stop telling people about the experience.

Dayii De La Cruz

Must say UPPAbaby has the best customer service. Thank You for helping me with my 2012 Vista ☺️

Jess Loranger

Thanks for having the replacement wheel I needed after it got broken on a flight. Customer service was fantastic, it arrived very quickly, and it's exactly what I need to make the G-LUXE functional again. And for a fair price! Thanks.

Julie Dow

Hi! I came in this morning to the buy buy baby store in port Chester and the tune up team was fantastic. I appreciate everything they did for me and my stroller. It was a great experience. Thank you very much!

Krissie Young Nuckols

We've had a fabulous experience with Julie D at UPPAbaby customer service! We have owned a Cruz for several years and Julie has been so helpful keeping us on the road! The stroller is wonderful and our son loves it - when the wheels wore out Julie offered to send us a new set at no cost. Highly recommend UPPAbaby, and especially Julie.

Lani Harrison

Just got back from the @UPPAbaby tuneup at @CaroBambinoSM !! Such nice people and my strollers are happy now! #uppababytuneup

Sharlotte Hidalgo

Your tuneup team is awesome!!! The ladies pictured were so sweet and informative. They provided great service! I would gladly drive to have them tune up our stroller again!

Katy Lin

So glad I was able to RSVP for the Tune Up event at Sherman Oaks. And thanks to Sam for doing a fabulous job and now my two yr old stroller feels like a brand new ride just in time for the arrival of baby #2. UPPAbaby definitely has the best customer service in the industry!

Stephanie Moy

Thank you for your courteous and outstanding customer service 👍🏻👍🏻

Gail McInnes‏

Excellent customer services at @UPPAbaby. A part broke off our stroller. New part expected tomorrow. Crisis averted! #momlife

Janelle Godsman

So for anyone here that is questioning whether the UPPAbaby VISTA and travel bag is worth the cost.... it is 100%. Not only will you love your stroller, you will love the customer service.

We just had our stroller damaged by the airline, one 5 minute phone call and an email with photos of damage is all it took to activate my warranty. Within 2 hrs of my phone call I had been emailed a tracking number for replacement parts and information regarding my claim. I will never buy any other brand of stroller.

Emily Lindsey

Wow! I just had the most exceptional customer service over the phone... yes your products are expensive but wow are they worth it! The brakes on my 2015 Vista stopped locking and you are sending me a new base! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 😍😍

From a very appreciative mom!


Alanna @UPPAbaby has made me a customer for life. Thanks for the excellent customer service! #ToddlerLife

Noelle Krizelle Cuaton

Impressed with #uppababy's costumer service! When we went home to the Philippines, the breaks of our stroller broke. So when we got back, i immediately contacted them. They were so quick to reply, and just after 3 days we received our new frame, not one cent spent! Thank you thank you thank you! We love our #uppababyvista even more because of you!

Charity Mckay

I just have to say that UPPAbaby customer service is awesome! I emailed yesterday about my Vista frame and Tracey from customer service got back to me very quickly and resolved my issue.

Melissa Tilghman-Jones

I have just had what may be the best customer experience ever with Julie at UPPAbaby.

I completed my registry via MyRegistry.com linking the products we needed from different websites. Well typically what happens if an item is out of stock it will give you options of other websites where it is available. The uppababy item we needed was out of stock at buybuy BABY, so it linked to Modern Nursery. Well wouldn't you know it, they didn't actually have it in stock either. The way it was set up you don't know it until the order is placed, so the order was placed for a further shipment. This date is not guaranteed and was past when the baby was coming. Well I spent probably two hours looking and calling around to places that carry the rumble seat. The product was in stock with AlbeeBaby, but they ran out. Well I called their customer service line and spoke with an extremely nice lady, who's name now escapes me. Well she suggested I call uppababy to see if there was anything they could do or any information they could give me. That when I got Julie on the phone. She checked to see if it was possible they had some in stock, they didn't. She checked to see if she could get any information about when they would be in stock, she couldn't. She put me on hold again for a few minutes, when she came back she had a great solution. She said order a seat that has the same frame as your current stroller and I will send you the cover when it becomes available. At this point I am beyond ecstatic, I really thought we wouldn't have a working stroller until after the baby came. But thanks to Julie with uppababy my fears are squashed. I hope that someone from uppababy sees this and gives her some kind of recognition. Julie saved the day!!

Jayne Czarnocki

Big shout out to @UPPAbaby 🇨🇦 for their amazing customer service! Thank you! 👍🏻

Emily Parsons

Thank you @UPPAbaby for your outstanding customer service !! 👶🏻 #beststroller

Aafia Anwar

Amazing customer service! Stroller wouldn't open after some rough handling by airport gate check employees. UPPAbaby replaced my baby's G-luxe umbrella stroller within a week without any issues or hassles Thank you UPPAbaby!!!

Chelsea Garlock

Obsessed with @UPPAbaby customer service. And that chat feature on the website is 💯🙌🤗

Natalia Farias

Dear Uppababy representative- I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude for your brands mesa car seat. I am the proud mother of a warrior baby who's chances of making into this world were already against him. He however, had other plans and after his NICU days took his first ride home in his mesa car seat. Fast forward 9 months to April 27th. My son and I were involved in an automobile accident that totaled our 5 day old Yukon Denali. After the impact I was a complete mess waiting for the ambulance that would transport us to the hospital. Although I sustained injuries my son had absolutely no injury to his little body! I have absolutely no words when I stop and reflect on this. I'm am a brand lover, the owner of a vista, additional mesa and gluxe! I rave about this brand and have convinced the sale of your products to several other people and will continue doing so for life! The fact that my son walked away unharmed from an accident that totaled our car is more proof than anyone would need to know and realize this car seat saves lives. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for protecting my delicious warrior baby! He is here today because of you! Eternally Grateful ~ Natalia Farias


We got our #uppababyvista checked out at the Honolulu #tuneupgearup today! I'd never seen so many parents pushing #uppababy strollers in one place except for the one time we went to Connecticut, where it seemed like every 1 out of 4 strollers were UPPAbaby strollers. While walking through the baby expo, I saw a dad point to our stroller and overheard him ask, "What's so good about those strollers? So many people have them." There are so many good things about the Vista! The selling point for us was how many different configurations we could do with the Mesa car seat, bassinet, two stroller seats, and #uppababypiggyback skateboard attachment. The huge storage space under the stroller seat has been a lifesaver too many times to count, and their customer service has always gone above and beyond for us. If you know anyone debating whether or not to join the UPPAbaby family, you can tell them we've been super happy with our UPPAbaby experience over the past 4 years!

Ellie Rountree

👌👌 👍 customer service. I had a minor issue with my #uppababy stroller, and they're sending me an entire replacement frame!

Peter Norris

Very pleased with UPPAbaby customer service. Stroller was damaged while using travel bag and I received a replacement part within 4 days of contacting UPPAbaby. Thanks very much!

Leigh J Castergine

Another great customer service experience from @UPPAbaby 👍🏻

Marc Nock

I just wanted to once again thank you and your team for standing behind your product and taking care of your customers. I think a lot of parents, dads in particular, are probably pretty floored when they find out that the price of a certain class of baby strollers is around a thousand bucks. But when the company goes above and beyond, as you do, to make sure that it is an investment that will last and not soon end up in a landfill, it starts making more sense.

Ashlee Kovacevic

Hey thanks guys and gals! Was able to speak to Maria G this morning. She was fantastic and super helpful and knowledgeable!! Replacement frame is on the way.

Sophia D

@UPPAbaby BEST Customer service ever! Few questions asked, found my registration and sent a replacement! #Customerservicedoneright #Uppababy

Sharlotte Hidalgo

When I was pregnant I stopped a lady at Panera to ask how she liked her UPPAbaby stroller because it was the one I had in mind. She told me how much she loved it, showed me all the cool things about it, and mentioned the impeccable customer service.

Today I took my stroller for a "tune up". Have you ever heard of a stroller company that does this?? They answered questions I had regarding the straps, they took off the wheels, lubed them up, cleaned them and the frame... they noticed my handlebars stuck on one side. They checked to see if something was in there.. since it wasn't functioning properly, they decided to send me a whole new frame. How amazing is that?!? Honestly, the quality of this stroller, the ability to forward and rear face the seat, the easy and compact fold... I loved it all, which is why I got it, regardless of price, because it is an investment for baby and more to come if we decide. I don't think I will ever get another stroller from a different company again. The customer service has truly been the best from day 1 and for the price, I am so glad that I have a stroller from a company who cares!!! It truly makes it priceless.

Thank you so much UPPAbaby !! I am a beyond satisfied customer!

Andrea Belvedere

Soo impressed with the amazing customer service from @UPPAbaby - talk about exceeding customer expectations! #customerexperience

Minh Nguye

Thank you Julie D. from UPPAbaby for taking the initiative in resolving my infant car seat issue. She's also very nice and sincere on the phone. Safety of our children is #1 priority and I am satisfied that UPPAbaby stand by their products.

Amy Royster Clement

We have a Cruz and love it plus UPPAbaby customer service is second to none. We just bought the Vista with second seat since we expecting another baby boy in June. UPPAbaby is a quality company with quality products in my opinion.

Lillian To

Went to a tune-up event and my stroller feels brand new. Thanks Sam Osborne for noticing all the little things that were wrong and fixing it! I LOVE UPPAbaby!

Katie Heppner

Wanted to say thank you for making one of the only umbrella strollers with such a large sunshade. I never thought when I bought our G-Luxe for my first son that I would be as grateful as I am for this shade. I thought, "well, I live in Arizona where it's always sunny, so I want to shade his body as much as possible." Seems logical, right? It's probably why you designed it that way. Well, now I have baby #2, who is 16 months old, and when he was 3m, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. Basically it's a form of glaucoma babies can, but are incredibly rarely born with. If not controlled with eye drops or surgery(he's had 3), the pressure in his eyes can get so high it can cause him to go blind. Side effect: extreme light sensitivity. When we are outside and I hold him, or he's with his brother in our double stroller with a smaller shade, his hands are constantly covering his eyes and he's just in pain or uncomfortable because the sun is just too much. He's so stubborn and won't wear a hat or sunglasses. We seriously end up taking our G-luxe umbrella stroller with us everywhere because he is smiling, happy, and can have his eyes open to without being in pain because the light is just too much for him to bear. I wanted to write this to your company because for us, this shade isn't just "a nice feature". It's so much more. Our kid can open his eyes outside and see the world around him because there's enough coverage for him. He can see animals at the zoo. Colorful Flowers. CARS! (Which he loves). Nature. Things we take for granted because we can open our eyes. This stroller gives that to him. And I'm beyond grateful. So thank you. Keep being awesome.

Sincerely, a very happy mommy

Michelle Yang

Happy Holidays to you and your team. I wanted to let you know what a fantastic rep Samantha has been. I contacted her via the "Chat' help desk on your website. I ask TONS and TONS of very specific questions,and she was very patient and pleasant with me. Half way through, we got disconnected. I went back on the website and started a new chat, and Samantha came back on to help me again, so I wouldn't have to explain the whole situation to another rep. She was still very pleasant and patient with me. She is obviously very knowledge about a variety of things - I had very specific questions about make/model and combination of stroller, rumble seat and infant car seat. I enjoyed chatting with her and she was extremely helpful.

Contacting customer service is always a dread chore - you typically have to wait a long time to talk to someone who doesn't understand what you are looking for. My experience today was surprisingly pleasant - zero wait time and I had a rep who knew what she was talking about. This reconfirms my confidence that Uppababy not only produces top of the line products, but also top of the line people.

Steve Sanders

We're very pleased and impressed with UPPAbaby's great customer service! It confirms we chose the right brand for our first baby stroller.


I wanted to commend greatly Samantha Nugent. She helped me quickly and professionally. Efficient and courteous manner all nice! Well done you have those facts in excellence and efficiency!

Julie Bradway

Thanks Kelly. I just wanted to also tell you that I've always been impressed with everyone in your customer service department. Every time I've spoken with someone or had an issue it's always been taken care of immediately and with friendly service. With baby number 2 coming in December I will always be a loyal Uppababy customer, and tell all of my mama-friends of your wonderful company. Thanks for all you do.

Yiannis Broustas

Amazing customer service once more. Probably my best experience when it comes to that. UPPAbaby deserves every dollar paid; even when something brakes, you resolve it in a couple of hours. Wow!

Sarah Fitzgibbon

Thank you so much for the quick response. I have already received the tracking email and will be on the lookout for the package. I very much appreciate the ease and speed of this process and wonderful customer service UppaBaby provides.

Nico Sazunic

Thanks Kelly, this is the second time I reach out to you guys and you exceeded expectations again. I just went to Amazon.com and posted a review describing my experience and recommending you guys for your customer service, as well as your products. Customer service is as important if not more than the quality of the product, and you guys excel at it.

Keri Larkin

Hi Jen,

I hope all is well. I’m an Uppababy customer – we have four Uppababy strollers in our home. I’m writing to let you know about my recent experience purchasing two replacement parts for my G-luxe. I called customer service and was fortunate enough to connect with Molly McPartlin. Molly is exception in every way. She was patient, informative, and incredibly determined to help me. She called around to find the parts that I needed and then took care of ordering the two parts from two different warehouses. It was an excellent experience.

After a month, I had not received the two parts and was feeling disappointed. I reached back out to Molly (I also tried the online help service and left a message with customer service but heard nothing back). Molly immediately sorted it all out for me and guaranteed that I would have the parts by the end of the week. They arrived just as she said they would. Again, she was awesome.

While there were clearly issues in the supply chain and other areas of customer service, my experience with Molly was so outstanding that I will continue to purchase from Uppababy and recommend Uppababy strollers to all of my friends – we live in Manhattan so our strollers are like our cars here. And I love my Uppababy products. I also have a toddler and infant, so don’t have a lot of time, and Molly was so responsive, it was amazing – it’s rare to have someone be so personally committed to helping you.

I really appreciate how caring, thoughtful and diligent Molly was. She took full accountability for the situation. Thank you so much, Molly.

Lisa Friedman

The new frame came on Saturday! Amazing! We were able to move everything over easily and it all works great, no need for new wheels at this time, although ours are definitely showing their age. Thank you so much for your help, UppaBaby has the BEST service and always has since we bought our Vista in 2010.

Nadine Rich

Thank you so much! I’m a huge fan of UPPAbaby and this experience with you and your fantastic customer service has taken my loyalty to another level. Thank you for all your help and countless emails getting my stroller situation figured out. I really appreciate it! Please forward this email to you manager as well. You’ve been wonderful to work with!

Bryan Gough

Amazing customer service @UPPAbaby , Alanna rocks.

Ankush Madaan

Shout out to @UPPAbaby for excellent customer service. Replacement received within 2 days of request. High five 👍

Dennis Gorfain

Thank you @UPPAbaby for sending us a new stroller. That's great customer service. #customerexperience

Andrea Wallace

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful stroller! My husband and I bought our Vista in 2010 before my first child was born and we promptly moved to London. In the years since, the stroller served as our "car" (having no car in London we piled groceries in the large basket underneath!) and has traveled with us on 40+ airplane flights and at least four different countries. We now have three kids, and all of them have slept in the bassinet from birth - serving as a Moses basket of sorts until they were old enough to move to their crib. We now live back in sunny California and our stroller is a bit rusted and sun bleached, but is still as easy to push as the day we got it and is our work horse for our vacations and trips around town. Thank you so much for a quality product!

Yancy Wideman Richmond

Just wanted to say thank you for amazing customer service that far exceeded my expectations. I am one happy customer!

For the record UPPAbaby has made a fan out of me. I had an issue with the brake on my stroller. Their customer service was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. All is resolved and better than new. I am one happy customer!

Megan Page

Thank you UPPAbaby for the amazing customer service (again!). You have been BY FAR the easiest and kindest baby-product manufacturers to deal with. Thanks for making it easy for moms!!

Meg Snell

Thank you Uppababy for the amazing customer service (again!). You have been BY FAR the easiest and kindest baby-product manufacturers to deal with. Thanks for making it easy for moms!!

Danielle McKay

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to your customer service department, especially Julie! We had a problem with our infant car seat for our soon to be born little guy and Julie was amazing. Our new car seat was sent within 48 hours and we have already received it! UPPAbaby, you rock!

Tate Izlar O’Rouke

Last February, I purchased the G-Link stroller for my twin boys. Less than a year from purchasing, a major part of the stroller broke. I contacted customer service and am EXTREMELY happy with the service I received and the resolution to our issue. I have recommended your product to many of my friends and based on my experience with customer service I will forever sing your praises. Your products are worth every penny. Thanks UPPAbaby! #uppababy


Thank you Lisa! This is exactly why I chose UPPAbaby, your impeccable customer service and high level of professionalism makes my choice all the more valuable.

Estie Friedman

When I was looking into purchasing a new stroller after my baby was born, (I owned a 2007 bugaboo bee, which lasted 6 years/2 kids) one of the things that I kept hearing was that UPPAbaby has great customer service. I did not anticipate needing customer service, but it was definitely something that contributed to my decision to purchase the UPPAbaby. Although I was disappointed that my stroller broke, I am very relieved and thankful for the quick replacement of the frame. I received a new frame the day after I made the complaint! UPPAbaby lived up to its reputation! Thank you Lisa for your quick expedition and for standing behind your product.

Jamie Bond Fife

Just wanted to give a shout out to the excellent customer service experience I had with UPPAbaby. I had an issue with a broken stroller seat frame and Kelly was able to replace it within 2 days of my phone call. You guys are the best!


#bestcustomerservice I've ever received! TY @UPPAbaby I called & someone answered right away/super helpful #worthsharing


The base of our 2014 #uppababymesa car seat broke somehow. One iPhone video and a few pictures later, UB is FedExing us a brand new base. We love all our #uppababy products and this is just one of the reasons why - the customer service is just outstanding! #momlife #carseatsafety

Christine Perrotti Stabler

I agree! Our Cruz is from 2013 and we still use it faithfully. The customer service is nothing short of phenomenal!

Rachel Grinker Bensimon

Best customer service! We broke two parts of our stroller in a week and got both replacement parts with no questions asked.

Desirae Allen

My handlebar had issues staying in place. I called customer service. I registered my Cruz on the phone and discussed my handlebar issue at the time. Within a few days, a new frame and return shipping label were at my door. Amazing customer service!!!

Elizabeth Valle

I just got my stroller seat replaced and I was so surprised at how easy and fast it was. So glad I got an Ub for the customer service alone. Thank you to Myra!

Mallory Gillespie

Best CS ever!! We had our frame replaced and it was totally painless, and super quick!

Karlee Hooper

I have said so many times that Uppababy has the BEST customer service out there.

Tabitha Wade

Great customer service! We had a part replaced & it was so easy! No hassle, no extra paperwork, & they even paid for the return shipping for the broken part.

Tal David

We just got our wheels replaced as well and the costumer service was amazing!

Il Sun Yoo

Danielle Palzkill in customer service resolved this for us with friendly professionalism. Thanks Uppababy!

Daniella Sesso Harris

They have the best customer service that I've ever encountered. They are fast and soooo accommodating. I'm obsessed with my stroller and would recommend uppa baby based on that alone. But with their stellar customer service it makes the company that much better! *****

Kathy Mrózek

You have the BEST customer service and warranty!!!!

Nora Wadi

The best customer service hands down! They have always been more than helpful when I needed their help. That is why I own many of their products!

Yixin Wang

Yes I absolutely love uppababy customer service team! They are so easy to deal with, we got our replace wheel for free and super fast! I love uppababy and just wish my kiddo would sit in the stroller for longer :)

UPPAbaby good customer service deserves a loud shout out :) I love UB!

Philecia Bachynski

Fantastic customer service!! Very dedicated to their customers! ❤️

Cathy Nguyen

Love our vista, and will have to agree with everyone else, best customer service!!!

Tuan Le Dang

We are so addicted to UPPAbaby. It's nice to see a company that stands behind their product and after sale service.

Uppababy has the best customer service team that I've ever encountered. They are fast and accommodating. Products are just amazing !!!

Kevin Brown

@UPPAbaby great customer service! Myra was great with my damaged Vista. Opened a case and resolved in less than 24 hours!! Thank you Uppa!

Nathan Michaud

Great customer service at @UPPAbaby. Alanna was very helpful -- Thanks! #DontPutStrollerBehindCarinGarage

Frank Guanco

Shoutout to @UPPAbaby for the great customer service. Travel bag was damaged by baggage handlers and the UB folks helped with the quickness.

Steve Adolph

Maria in customer service was lifesaver today! On vacation and getting ready for airport and could not close g luxe umbrella stroller. Maria fixed issue in 30 seconds. There is little nub you can manually push to close it. My bad in that it needed WD-40. Yea!

Fernanda Heitor

Just wanted to say: I really love your products! Vista stroller is amazing and MESA car seat is the best! Thanks for being such awesome company!

Kerry Olson Hawkins

I just wanted to thank you for your superlative customer service. I remember when I first bought my Vista, and balked a little at the price. Your customer service over the years has been nothing less than exemplary. Every employee I've had the pleasure of interacting with has been professional, kind, and helpful. I had my stroller tuned by some of your staff on Friday, and it could not have been a more pleasant experience! Thank you for making such a great product, for always standing by said product, and for hiring such wonderful staff.

Andrea Michetti

Thank you UPPAbaby! So glad to have a positive experience when I called customer service. It's nice to see company's that stand behind their product.

Carly Dardano

Thank you @UPPAbaby for not only making the best strollers, but for having the best customer service as well!!

Chad Rodriguez

Just had a world class customer service experience with @UPPAbaby. Never had anything like it.

Kate Nicholson

Hello! I just wanted to write in to let you know how excited my husband and I are to have discovered your strollers and car seats. My husband is a Marine who was severely wounded 5 years ago while deployed in afghanistan. He lost both of his legs and part of his left arm after stepping on a 40 lb IED. We are expecting our first baby in February and though he is over the moon excited and happy, he often stresses over being able/wanting to help as much as possible. He strives to be as independent as possible. YOUR company was the ONLY one that offered the button press release on your car seats making getting the car seat back into the car and out of the stroller much simpler for him -- in fact, the only product he can use. We just discovered your products (in person at a store) yesterday so we put a stroller and car seat on our registry. He plans to practice a lot until the baby arrives. I've even considered adding the bassinet to the stroller so that he doesn't have to worry about taking the car seat out at all but we are trying to be gracious with our registry and money. But watching him shop and seeing his disappointment leading up to the discovery of your products was heart breaking for me. So thank you for giving him the hope and excitement to care for his son that he deserves!! There are not enough "thank you"'s in this world to say to your wonderful company. Thanks again and we so look forward to using your beautiful products!! Warm Regards -- Katie Nicholson

Nate Polselli

@buybuyBABY Received incredible #CustomerService from Molly at @UPPAbaby. Front wheels of #Cruz are working flawlessly now. Thanks!!!

Tune-Up, Gear-Up Customer

I received an Uppa stroller tune up this afternoon in Houston and wanted to let y'all know I couldn't be more pleased! Great crew, speedy service, all around a great experience. My stroller looks wonderful (for now...). Thanks!

Justine Bell

UPPAbaby thank you for your GREAT SERVICE! I don't normally post things like this, but I am really impressed with how quickly you responded and how solutions oriented you representative was.

Rachel Mechanic

I just want to thank UPPAbaby for having such excellent customer service! Your representatives are extremely friendly and responsive. As a busy mom, I really appreciate it, and am a very pleased customer.

Trevor Sharek

@UPPAbaby just wanted to thank you and especially Julie in customer service for helping us. Very friendly and we love our vista stroller!

Christina Boll

Not only do I love my UPPAbaby Mesa and Vista (and my daughter) but the customer service is amazing! I had an online chat with customer service regarding the Mesa canopy, sent an email with pictures and within 30 minutes a new canopy is on its way! Thanks so much for the stress free customer service!

Madeleine Kane Russo

I can't say enough good things about Uppababy. Our kids were recently in an accident in the stroller and the stroller protected them and the customer service after was phenomenal. Thank you.

Kimberly Matranga

@UPPAbaby Samantha provided excellent customer service today to help me get a broken part on my Vista repaired. Thank you! #SoonToBeMomOf3

Arianna Kelly

Just wanted to write to say thank you so much for your help with our repair after our stroller was damaged by a baggage handler. We could not have been happier with the ease and speed of the process or the quality of the repair - this was truly some of the best customer service we have ever received. Enormous thanks to you!

Emily RF

@UPPAbaby excellent customer service! Always great to find a company that takes care of its customers. #happyfamily

Diana Aniello

Uppa seizes to amaze me with their incomparable customer care. We recently participated in one of their stroller tune-ups held at a local store in our area and they got our seven year old stroller back to its glory! And even shipped us out two new parts once they returned to the warehouse. Thank you Uppa for being there for our growing family over all these years. This is why we have willingly returned for all our baby gear needs!

Nick Kadysh

Huge thanks to @UPPAbaby which offers awesome customer service and ultimate helpfulness - especially in a difficult time. Thanks, Samantha!

Laura Sutton

I am constantly amazed at your customer service! Any issues I have get taken care of flawlessly!! Thank you for making such a great products!!#‎dennyvista

Jessica Chavkin

Myra, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and UPPAbaby for the amazing customer service on my Vista. You were wonderful to work with and the replacement parts came unbelievably fast, I couldn’t believe. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service. I have always been thrilled with my Vista and other UPPAbaby gear and this amazing customer service was the icing on the cake.

Beverly Bulkley-Herb

We had an amazing experience at the tuneup event today in Hingham! Thank you for your fabulous customer service, every single time :-)

Jennifer Cressman

Very impressed with #UPPAbaby customer service for sending me replacement bolt parts for my out of warranty 6yr old Vista! First class

Xiang Li

Dear Uppababy Team,

Thanks for saving my baby's life! My baby when sitting in a Uppababy 2015 Vista Stroller was hit by a car on July 12th, 2016. The stroller was damaged but my baby was fine after the doctor's examination and 2-days watching. I just ordered the same one in Amazon. Again thank you a million!

Tiffany Ruddle

You guys are the best! Thanks so much to Kelly for great customer service and getting a replacement Meas infant insert to me quickly and easily! — feeling thankful.

Kyle McClung

Sharing my appreciation for this great company, UPPAbaby. My family and I recently returned from Ireland and our Vista stroller sustained significant damage on the flight home. In less than 24 hours, Danielle in customer service had a new stroller coming our way. Great product, employees and company. I would recommend them to everyone!

Danielle Swat

Thank you for your wonderful customer service!! I recently purchased a 2015 Vista and noticed the front wheels randomly locking. I called customer service and someone instantly answered my call (literally NO WAIT) and without hesitation, offered to replace my frame. Seriously! I love you guys and your products! I recommend to any new (or old 😜) mommy out there. Simply the best!

Toni Alba

I have to give a huge shout out to UppaBaby customer service and technical support! We have a Vista that we purchased in 2008 that we are bringing back for our new baby, but it has been a bit through the ringer. I contacted customer service and sent a couple of pictures, and within a week they sent me a shipping box to send our stroller to them. They not only fixed the original issue we contacted them about (a broken basket), but the technician repaired several other minor issues. The turnaround time was great, and even though we had to pay for the repair, it was extremely reasonable for a stroller WAY out of warranty. Thank you!!

Sam Stone

@UPPAbaby continually impressed with your customer service. Part of our Mesa broke and in less than 24hrs u are sending a new one. Thanks!

Anges Chong

We have a 8 month old and we bought our Uppababy Cruz, MESA, bassinet, bassinet stand and other accessories from Bandalou Baby and we could not be happier! I don't usually send these kinds of emails but I really wanted you guys to know how amazing they are. I have never had such exceptional service anywhere else, let alone in the baby product world. Any time I have had any issue with the products they have facilitated my contact with Uppababy or helped to arrange for replacements.

As a first time Mom there are always lots of anxieties, but Bandalou Baby reassured me when I didn't need to worry, and took me seriously when something warranted attention and made certain that I am 100% happy about the safety of my baby at all times.

I am so glad we went with Bandalou Baby instead of Buybuybaby or even Amazon. If only all stores had their dedication to exceptional customer service. Congrats on finding a great partner in Bandalou Baby!

Amy Howard Williams

I cannot speak any higher for Uppababy. The products and customer service is by far exceptional! We owned a 2013 Vista and Mesa and now have the 2015 and a new Mesa for a new little one. We are also owners of a Gluxe. Above and beyond customer service! Hope to attend a tune-up event if there are ever any in the Southern GA area.

Rebecca Cervantes

Hi Sam, It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend at the Uppababy tune-up event at Traveling Tikes. Thank you! Thank you! I'm so happy that I chose to go with Uppababy. The quality of your stroller impressed my husband and now that he went with me to the tune-up he is extremely impressed with your service as well. Uppababy is a wonderful brand but it's marketing team that helps the brand stand out. I'm glad my cousin followed my recommendation to select Uppababy as her stroller and mesa as her car seat. I'm excited to continue to spread the word.

Sharon Nielsen

Super impressed with your customer service! you totally get what you pay for with your products! THANK-YOU!!!

Lara Q

Great customer service from @UPPAbaby to repair a defective item. Made it easy for @fergusmcbean and I having such seamless service. Thanks!

Jeff Kimball

Shout out to @UPPAbaby and @KeltyBuilt for having customer support people who are knowledgeable, helpful, and empowered to fix problems!

Lisa Monatlik

Shoutout to Uppababy! Thank you (Kelly helped me) for my stroller tune-up yesterday! With the new front wheels my stroller works and feels brand new! So happy with your company! And everyone was super friendly to boot! #‎weloveuppababy

Courtney Kanner Fishman

Uppababy is not only the best stroller but their customer service is also incredible! I have referred tons of my mommy friends to the Cruz or the vista strollers.

Michelle Sutter

@UPPAbaby thanks for having such incredible customer service. We alreadyour stroller & now we are fans for life. #HappyBabyHappyMama

Jayme Cappa

Wow @UPPAbaby amazing customer service! Called about a repair and Got an actual person. Love your products, keep up the good work!


@uppababy thank you for the amazing service replacing my vista frame. I put more km stroller than car so appreciate the speedy response.

Ashleigh Machin

Thank you for the most amazing customer service. I was having issues with the wheel on my Vista, within 1 day I had a reply from someone in your team and within the week a whole new frame has been delivered to my door. I'm so happy I chose this pram. Thanks again 😀

Allison Pataki

Don't u appreciate cumstomer svc? My stroller broke & @UPPAbaby has been great! Sadly, it's rare to have something like this go SMOOTHLY

Kerri Santroni

Uppababy - you rock! I am constantly amazed with your customer service - no matter if it's a big issue or small one. Thank you, thank you for your awesome products. Love, one happy momma ;)


Have any of you walked so much you have worn out your stroller tires?! I LOVE my Cruz, and I walk everywhere (miles every day....literally!) So it's no surprise I wore them out, however, I was pleasantly surprised when they sent me replacement wheels....for FREE! Now that's what I call great customer service and a great warranty...thank you @uppababy ! #babylife #momlife #worththeprice #goodinvestment #uppababycruz #cruz #uppababy #cruzon

Natalie Kennedy

Thanks so much, Myra. I have been very impressed by both your personal customer care and your company's overall customer service, ease, and efficiency. Money well-spent!

Marielle S Krowka

So happy I went with the @uppababy #vista stroller... Amazing #customerservice after an airline severely damaged my daughter's stroller!

Ms. Gordon

I decided to make this my first review because as soon as I thought about starting a family I researched this company and said I want this for my child. #Uppababy is not only innovative, but they are completely about their customers' needs and satisfaction. I gave birth to my first child March 2015, and I made my purchase in April 2015, and it's been my handy helper ever since. I made sure I got the #InfantSnugSeat, and a few other accessories to make it comfortable for my infant. Throughout the months, I've noticed more families using #uppababycruz and #uppababyvista. I now understand why so many families invest their earnings into this company. The #uppababy family is there for you, whether it's a question or you just need advice on how to get you stroller in tip top shape. They've even did a one time courtesy of sending me a new frame and seat because mines have gotten scratched up really badly. I'm honored to have purchased from #uppababy and truly appreciate the support I receive.

Sabrina Dolci

I have NEVER in my life been so satisfied with a company and their customer service as I am with Uppababy. Truly, phenomenal. I am just in awe. I seriously wish you made every baby necessity, because I would buy only your brand. That's how awesome you are. And your reply Julie, she is a keeper!!

Ben Baldwin

Hi, I'm an UPPAbaby customer ... from a few years ago, when we had our first daughter. A stroller purchase is one of the big nuts that new parents have to crack, along with a million other new priorities and bills. Now, as a very recent second-time parent, I expected to just pick up where we left off -- but it's not that easy. Amid the stress of bringing our new baby home--and fending off her predatory sister--we realized the stroller didn't work. Years of painful Canadian winters had taken their toll. But it's summer. And we *had* to get out of the house. So I was frustrated. But in stepped the UPPAbaby team (Julie Dennis) and she/they literally made our week, by getting behind their product and replacing the broken parts like champs. They treated me like a life long customer instead of a transaction.

For that ... I wanted to say thank you for having our backs :)

Kelsey Jones

Thanks so much @uppababy for getting us our replacement #UppaBabyVista2015 stroller frame! The customer service at #UppaBaby is beyond amazing! Money well spent...great product and even better service!


Our #uppababy toddler seat on our stroller had broken on Monday! Not sure how but it did. I emailed uppababy and like that I get a new seat. I can't believe there are still companies that put the customer first. Thank you #uppababy for the #greatcustomerservice #beststroller #ever #baby #musthave

Lauren Becker

@UPPAbaby you have amazing customer service!!

Leigh J Castergine

Impressive customer service from @UPPAbaby Our LOVED stroller had some issues. Called, talked to rep, & parts immediately sent #Goldstar

Anitra Lauro

Thanks so much to Maria for helping me at Uppababy for getting a new frame. I loved my customer service experience!! ❤️ I was able to get the necessary item quickly.


We had a small issue with our @UPPAbaby Vista, called them, and had a new part shipped to us in 2 days! #servicewin #thanksforbeingawesome

Amir Efrati

I lost the frame/wheels/basket to my 2015 vista stroller. Danielle at Uppababy customer service helped me immediately in replacing it and getting it shipped fast to San Francisco. A+ experience! Good brand.

Andrew Escobar

@UPPAbaby Just registered our CRUZ and reported a small problem with a front wheel. Resolved in minutes. Thank you so much! #effortless

Penny Samuel

Thanks so much for hosting the tune up tours! Sam did a wonderful job getting my stroller running smoothly again! All the other staff members were great as well!


I just have to stop for a minute and talk about how absolutely blown away I have been with @uppababy and their customer service!! We recently had the very best experience (again) with their service and products. We love the high quality materials, intuitive design, and ease of use that their products provide. We are super sad that they don't make a convertible car seat, because we would have bought it in a heartbeat!! We recently had a small issue with our car seat, and while the warranty on it had expired, they were so kind and offered to send us a brand new replacement anyways!! They have earned our business for life, and I can't stop talking about how wonderful I think they are!! I always recommend #UppaBaby to friends and family, and their customer service is the icing on the cake of the entire amazing experience. As a mom, I need products that are safe, easy to use, comfortable, and ideally have good design. UppaBaby checks off every item on that list and then some! If you're in the market for an amazing stroller or car seat, you must check them out!! 💕

Chanie Hurwitz

Hi Sam, Thank you for running the awesome Tune up event this past Tuesday at Mini Jake in Brooklyn. You replaced the rear wheels and showed me how to take the fabric off so I could wash it! I washed it and now the stroller is wheeling great and looks great!

Lisa Alper

Hi Sam! I wanted to say thank you for today at Pizzazz on Court Street. I was the Pascal hood/Jake Seat Cruz with the sticky brake and small child who gets out of her straps! This is such a nice service that you do for your customers!

Deborah Britt

Had an issue with a broken latch on a stroller. Contacted Uppababy via a chat session, with Lily. What GREAT customer service received. Worked with me sent a email with directions. They replaced the frame with no issues. Great company to do business with.

Devanie Roberts

Our stroller replacement wheels got here a day early (YAY! Since we're flying to California tomorrow and need the stroller) and it was SO easy to replace the wheels! Thank you so much for your help- I'm incredibly happy and grateful you guys are so wonderful to work with and your product is so fabulous! I'll try my best not to run over the stroller with my car again ;)

Lauren Ransden

Thank you so much Beth! UPPAbaby truly has the most amazing customer service!

Michael Fusco-Straub

Hi Beth, I was just going to write you to thank you for getting it fixed so quickly. Thank you! It looks great and my youngest is in it as I type. Thank you so much. You've got a UppaBaby customer for life.

Salameh Al Garadi

Dear Lisa, I wanted to thank you for replacing the seat for the carriage. I also wanted to thank Uppa baby general for giving such quick service. Looking forward to expand my Uppa Baby collection soon. Because I know that Uppa Baby has understanding people backing the products.

Julie McIntyre-Munnelly

Thank you Myra !!!You are awesome I appreciate your quick response and help with everything!!You guy's will be getting highly recommended to all my mommy friends 🙂


I just wanted to say that I've dealt with Samantha over the last 2 weeks regarding my uppa baby stroller...etc. I and my husband were super impressed with her work ethic, sweetness and swift ability to get the job done in a swift and quicker paste then we had ever imagine. Just wanted to say thanks to her and uppababy!

Chrysanthi Davilas

Dear Beth and Uppababy Team,

Thank you for your understanding. We really appreciate you sending us new frame. We love the stroller and will be sure to spread the word of your excellent customer service as well.

Jacob Archer

Why do you buy a $900 stroller? Because they have the best customer service around!! @uppababy has our vote as the best stroller you can buy!! When you break that little plastic grey piece that is pop riveted so it can't be replaced without replacing the whole frame and it holds the stroller together so it's kind of important and you call them up, no questions asked, they send you a brand new frame and a pre-paid shipping label in return?!? Love you guys over at Uppa! #forevercustomers #uppababy #vista #jake #thecolorisnamedafterme #best #customer #service #ever

Meaghan Ryan

I would like to compliment one of your team members for the excellent support & service I received last week. Your customer care executive, Beth Bailey, took care of all my queries and provided me w/ very timely and helpful advice regarding my stroller. Beth was very knowledgeable about UPPAbaby's product line and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. Her attention to detail, great communication skills and professionalism did not go unnoticed. I will continue to visit UPPAbaby in the future due to her excellent customer service skills, as well as recommend it to others.

Joy Ziegeweid

Dear Kate, we received the stroller today and all looks good. Thank you again for all of your help. I have been very impressed with Uppababy's customer service. It felt personal and personable in a way that is not very common.

Erin DeThomas

Hi Jen, the adapters arrived on Thursday. Thank you so much. This was probably the best customer service I’ve ever received. Thank you for responding so quickly, it is MUCH appreciated!!!


The BEST manufacturer customer service can be found @uppababy + @clekinc, in my opinion + experience.......our #uppababy #ubmesa was the first edition model, & wasn't used until just in December......well, a piece broke off (the strap tightener area) && they replaced + upgraded! YES! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 thank you @uppababy 😘

Kady Rodriguez-Hoffmaster

I wasn't a fan of the UPPAbaby Vista mainly because the handle bar isn't adjustable but when it was time to buy an umbrella stroller, the G-Luxe was a perfect fit for us. I've had it a little less than a year so needless to say was REALLY bummed when the buckle jammed and refused to unlatch while Hudson was still in it. I ended up having to tip the stroller upside down so he could wiggle his legs out. 🙂 Naturally this all went down in the parking lot at the zoo. 😂 Anyways, I contacted UPPAbaby and sent them a video of what happened and they sent me a replacement stroller right away! I was totally impressed with their customer service and speedy response to my initial email. We use our umbrella stroller often so it was really nice that the entire issue plus arrival of the replacement stroller happened within ONE week! I feel like we are constantly hearing customer service horror stories so I wanted to share something positive with you all today. Do you have a awesome customer service story to share? @uppababy #uppababy #uppababygluxe #customerservice #greatcustomerservice #positivity


Thank you so much, Alanna! I'm so happy I bought uppa baby products. They are worth it and more especially from the excellent customer care provided.


Thank you Kate. Your customer service always exceeds expectations. We will forever be loyal to the uppababy family.

Alison Maertens

Thank you very much Jen. I appreciate that. We are definitely an uppababy family and know you guys stick by your products!

Heather Brooks

Thank you so much! We have a vacation planned in august and this stroller is very much needed. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful customer service. This was an expensive purchase for my family and I'm so happy you will fix this for us. Also I did not know that about the foot rest! Hubby threw manual out of course. Thanks so muchelle for the info. I will sing your praises to all of my mommy friends and highly recommend your strollers for how great they are and your impeccable customer service. Thanks so much again!


Hello Beth, thank you for your email. I would like to thank you so much for your amazing service. Received the new frame today and will send the old one soon. I am very pleased with the quick and outstanding customer service of uppababy.

Vicki S.

Lily, I would like to thank you very much for the new seat frame. It came quickly, was incredibly easy to install, and works wonderfully of course. Such excellent customer service validates my choice in purchasing from your company, keeps me loyal to your brand, and makes me highly recommend Uppababy to all of my friends and family.

Elsa Dart

Thank you! As always, I'm impressed by your customer service, if only all companies could be like you!

Leticia Rivera

Thank you very much !!!!!! Never imagine it would get. Resolved this fast!!! I am very satisfied with your Excellent service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you

Shira B

Hi Lily, I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your and Uppababy's great costumer service. I was very appreciative when you offered to take a look at my stroller even though the videos i sent looked normal, as you said, I figured that the wheels were loose so someone would just tighten them or maybe if we were lucky send new wheels. What I never expected was that you guys would send us a new frame to fix our problem.and how fast it was sent to us was amazing. So thank you so much! My little girl and I really appreciate it!

Dalia Rinaldi

Hi Myra, will do and thanks so much for your efficient processing--I now see why UPPAbaby is so consistently highly-rated!! Really appreciate it.

Janine Furtado

Wow! Thank you so much Jen! I'm so incredibly impressed with the customer service you provided me! You were so quick to address my issue! I was so worried that I was going to run into some issues getting this problem handled due to the store I purchased it from being closed. I'm so glad I purchased an uppababy and I will certainly be a customer for life after this experience! Please forward this message to your manager as I'd love for him/her to recognize you for your amazing work! Thank you again! I can't wait for our next uppababy purchase!!!

Zhenya Lindgart

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help of UPPABABY and the role it played in my kids growing up comfortably.

Steve Deluca

Perfect. Thanks Beth. Greatly appreciate the speedy response and professionalism. This is our first child and therefore our first stroller, but not our first experience with UPPAbaby. We’ve purchased a few in the past as gifts and everyone continues to rave about the product. Thanks for making the customer service experience so pleasant and efficient.

Morgan Doell

Oh that's SO awesome! One happy customer. I have loved our stroller! We will be needing a carseat in a few months and will be buying the Mesa forsure now. I will recommend Uppababy to all who are looking for high quality products and great service!


Ok thank you :) I told all my friends how much I love my vista! 3 more friends bought it over The year I have had it . My girl friend just registered for her vista for her baby shower after asking how I loved mine :)) thanks so much for the great Service :) hope I'll be sending more friends your company's way :)


Lisa was very polite, knowledgeable, and happy to help! She answered all my questions and helped me make an order.

Sarah Lamb

Hi Ladies. I just wanted to thank you for helping to send a new stroller frame for our Vista! My husband and I have loved using it with our twins and now having received great customer service, we're even more pleased to have chosen a stroller from Uppababy! We'll be purchasing again when we need an umbrella stroller since you now have the double!


Kelly, thank you soooooo much!!!! If I could insert a hand clapping emoji from my work computer I would! I'm so excited to give her this gift and really appreciate you making this a priority. I am currently preggers and am getting a cruz for my girl too! It is so wonderful to know that there is great customer service to back up a great product. Have a wonderful weekend!

Abbey Pape

Thank you very much! Your customer service has been amazing. I recommend your products to everyone because of the design and durability but most of all because you have always had such amazing customer service.


By the way, I have received excellent customer service from UB during my stroller research process. It has definitely made a difference in my purchase decision! Thanks for being awesome.

Ashton Price

Oh my gosh seriously?! Thank you! Y'all are seriously the best :) PS i just replaced my car shades with y'all's brand shades and WOW what a difference! Thank y'all for being amazing!

Sophia W

New wheels work great. Thank you for your help. This was the best customer service experience I've had!

Alexandra Stockmann-Chen

Amazing thank you so much for your amazing help beth!

Alicia Cowell

Hi, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the customer service you provide. Ive twice talked to people through the online chat and they have been very helpful and gone out of their way to get me the answers I need. Even though I bought a second hand bassinet, they had no problem assisting me with my questions (I will be buying the stroller new though :)

Nechama Kapenstein

Wow! Thank you so much for the speedy and superb customer service! It was a pleasure dealing with you for our stroller issue and thank you again for all your help on our behalf.

Erik Reif

Got the shipment confirmation today. Wow. Thank you for the super quick/easy service. Very impressive.

Cadee Wilder

Thank you!! I'm super impressed with your customer service. Quite amazing!!!

Alison Morris

WOW! I am extremely appreciative, both for your prompt, courteous replies and for the level of customer service I have received. I'm glad that with all the research I spent time on, as a first time Mom to be, we chose to invest in UppaBaby brand products, as I'm now aware of the outstanding service that accompanies the great baby items. My family thanks you for your attention to this matter and your assistance in resolving this issue.

Amie Coue

Appreciate your help and so grateful to have purchased our gear from such an amazing company.

Betzalel Krasnow

Alanna has been extremely helpful and very understanding of my problem. She was extremely pleasant on the phone and answered my emails promptly. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

Kathryn Gianatiempo

I just wanted to send a belated THANK YOU for replacing the entire stroller. Uppababy's customer service, and particularly you, have been so helpful. I just wanted to apologize that we haven't shipped back the other stroller yet. It's sitting in a box. We have had a vacation and some sickness in between when we received the new one and just haven't had the opportunity to bring it to a FedEx facility. I'm also 9 months pregnant and I can't carry it so I'm relying on my husband to do it. But, I promise, we will mail it back ASAP. I continuously remind my husband!

Nami Osakabe

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the great customer service.

Alanna Toll Schwartz

So happy with my uppababy strollers and your customer service continues to impress. I bought a g-lite recently. The locking mechanism didn't work so I called, sent a short video and the new one is in the mail already! Yesterday I also mentioned that my Vista canopy didn't seem structured properly as I had just replaced it. Turns out I discarded a thin second bar to transfer from the original canopy. Another one in the mail! Just wanted to share this positive experience. When I first bought my vista nearly 6 years ago, your company was much smaller and the same helpful person would answer the phone when i called. I know you've gotten much bigger but glad your excellent customer service hasn't changed!

Sarah Howe

I just want to say how fabulous it has been dealing with Uppababy customer service. You have all been outstanding and I will recommend the company to everyone.

Kristy Ardo

We put the stroller together yesterday and I cannot tell you how many times my husband said THIS IS AWESOME. We have had a lot of sweat and tears over trying to figure baby gear out over the past years. Being able to put together a stroller/carseat with ZERO problems was the best feeling in the world!!! So simple, efficient and functional- we absolutely LOVE it! Cannot wait to put it to use!!!

Julia Gaffield

@UPPAbaby might have the best customer service in the world! They are quick and awesome and fix all problems. Thanks, guys!

Betsey Chan

Just wanted to thank your staff again for the outstanding customer service! On two separate occasions whenever we've run into trouble with the stroller due to typical wear and tear, I.e., torn basket or missing latch off piggyback, all we had to do was ask and your staff totally stepped up each time! Best after service ever and totally blew away my expectations! Thank you so very much again for being lifesavers in the chaotic lives of parents just trying to get from A to B!

Courtney Linenberg

Thank you so much for your help! I sing the praises of our stroller to anyone who will listen and will continue to do so. With a new baby due any day now, the speedy response is so greatly appreciated!!


Lisa was wonderful and provided great customer service. Based off of this service I no doubt will continue to use uppababy and recommend it to all friends and family.

Kasia Ozmin

I would never normally write something like this but I feel compelled to say I have found all dealings with uppa baby amazing, especially the customer care. It was a pleasure talking with you today. Thank you so much.

Robert Margolis

Greetings. This is just to confirm that we received the replacement frame and under basket. Thank you very much for your prompt response and exemplary service. You have allowed us to 'resurrect' the life of our Uppa Baby; it rides like new. With our thanks again and gratitude for your kindness.

Elissa Burnstein

Your customer service is simply outstanding, and we greatly appreciate not only you going the extra mile, but also your incredible product. We love UPPAbaby!

Elin Abad

Thank you so much you guys are the best! I'm going to let the mommy community know how much I love your company :) Ps I'm @Landofmom on Instagram, mommy blogging to support women pre and post pregnancy. Take a gander and follow/support if you'd like. I'm so happy with my uppa baby products and your customer support!

Emily Colangelo

Thanks so much for such a speedy response and taking care of this so quickly! Super impressed!

Sabrina Karim

I wanted to send you a quick note to express my satisfaction with your employee Kate Bernard. I was a pretty upset customer who has spend a lot of money on my stroller and was having some issues with the wheels locking and sticking. Kate had a positive attitude and was extremely quick to solve my problems. Wanted to share this as its not very often you get this type of experience when you are having issues with a product!

Audrey Gavin

I must complement all of the staff who have helped me with my query. The service and responses I have received have been nothing short of exemplary. I hope that uppababy has some sort of customer service award because I'm 100% impressed!

Lisa Hagendorf

UPPAbaby's customer service is like the Apple Genius Bar 4 baby strollers. Thanks for a refreshingly painless experience. #underwarrantee

Erika Stensgaard

Hi Jen, I had recently purchased a 2015 Cruz (less than a week ago) and am having trouble with the back wheels. I contacted customer service via online form. I submitted around 10pm on Monday and Julie responded to my email at 6:20. The problem was resolved (fingers crossed the new wheels work) by noon. I am so impressed with your company and Julie made everything so easy. We bought the Cruz since my daughter is 17 months and didn't need the vista yet, however are planning on expanding our family in the future. I will forever be an Uppababy customer and will refer anyone and everyone I know because of your customer service! Thanks for being such a great company and putting customers first!

Robin Glodstein

Hi Jen. I just wanted to let you know that I've had several issues with my Uppa Baby Cruz stroller recently. Kelly Riggins has been more than helpful to me as she emails me back right away, has gotten me the parts that I needed and is in constant communication with me about other issues I am still having with the stroller. I wanted to reach out to you about how wonderful she is because her professionalism and speedy correspondence is so rare and refreshing. Although I'm having problems, it's a pleasure dealing with Kelly!

Lacey Glass

I just have to say how impressed I am with your customer service. This is the fastest I've ever had something resolved. After a 3 minute conversation with Lisa, it was decided we need a new part. Within 10 minutes we've received a tracking number. Thank you SO much for the fabulous support! I love our Vista and now I love it even more.

Tara Howard

I just wanted to go ahead and commend Uppa Baby and Samantha Nugent on their wonderful customer service. I appreciate the prompt, efficient, friendly and helpful response I received and am a very big fan of the company.

Erin Bliss

I just had an INCREDIBLE UPPAbaby experience and want to share! When I was deciding which stroller to buy I was told by many that UPPAbaby had a great warranty and really great customer service - I can now confirm this to be true! I have a Vista stroller, which i registered when purchased. Recently the brake stopped working. I recached out to UPPA via email and received a response within the hour. They had my warranty in hand and were already processing the shipment of a newstroller frame to me - no questions asked. Five days later my new frame has arrived, it took me about 30 mins end to end, from opening the box and easily switching everything over to the new frame. UPPA also send me everything I needed to send the old frame back - ZERO hassle! I want to thank Jennifer Stec (my customer service pro) for the friendly, efficient and easy response to my inquiry. UPPA customer for life. I'll tell everyone I know who needs baby/kids goods.

Tyler Ruppel

I recently had to use our warranty service on our Vista stroller and Kate provided us with exceptional customer service and made the whole process really simple for us. When employees make things easy for their customers, they should be recognized as much as possible.

Leo Green

I wanted to pass along some positive feedback on the great customer service provided by Kelly. I left a voicemail message and she was proactive in doing all the research and contacted me back in a timely manner to give me options that helped me out a lot. I was impressed that she took time to review my purchase history and see what was best for my situation. She understood the product and compatibility with the different year models which saved time. Thanks for your professionalism!

Zuzana Wilcox

I would like to comment on the excellent customer service provided by one of your customer care employees, Danielle Palzkill. She was pleasant, professional and effectively rectified our issues with a damaged stroller frame. Uppababy's excellent customer service matches the quality of the product, and we will continue to recommend the brand.

Bindu M Gottlieb

I just want to let you know how outstanding your customer service team is and has been! I have been a customer since 2011 and having 3 kids in different stages and with various needs, it has been so wonderful to work with your representatives who think about any problems presented and really go out of their way to fix it.

I have one child diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and we purchased the G-Luxe stroller specifically to help with getting him to doctors appts in New York City through the subway. We appreciated the extra support for his back from the stroller and when we started having issues with the lock to carry this stroller, we received a replacement. Also, now, we had a problem with the stroller’s buckle and we received another quick resolution!

It is just amazing to get this level of support from a company and I am truly grateful. Thank you for your incredible help over the years!

Stephanie Markell

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for an interaction with Beth in customer service yesterday (1/11/16). I called regarding my 2012 Vista which was no longer under warranty. I was having a problem with the wheels, which turned out was a function of a potentially faulty frame. Beth was so wonderful—not just concerned for the integrity of the stroller (which I appreciated) but for the safety of my son (which I appreciated even more).

The moment I realized I was having an issue with the wheels/frame, I was leaving a traumatizing drs appt with my son (where he was nebulized against his will, and had to be restrained for a chest xray). I was already a mess and when I realized the wheels stopped working properly, I thought I was going to break down in tears on the streets of NY. The thought of having to ship the frame, wait for it to be fixed, spend $$, etc was too much for me in that moment. When I called UppaBaby yesterday to see how to fix the problem, Beth was amazing. And not only that, the new frame arrived in less than 24 hours and it's already set up and ready for my son in the morning. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You guys are an amazing company.