Collaborating with Creative Cloud Libraries Sharing Libraries and Collaborating with Others on Adobe Stock


There are some very special integrations between Adobe Stock and CC Libraries. The purpose of this article is to focus on sharing Libraries and collaborating with others on the same Library. We will discuss:

  • Where to find CC Libraries
  • How to collect a “lightbox” of assets for a project
  • How to share your lightbox with a teammate or art buyer.
  • The difference between sharing and collaborating.

Ummm... What's a CC Library?

If you've not heard of or used Creative Cloud Libraries before, I recommend reading this short primer on what CC Libraries are.

The Connection Between CC Libraries & Adobe Stock

Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock are tied to the same ID you use to login to Creative Cloud. This means that anything you save as a preview, or license to a library, travels with you through your account, providing time-saving and organizational benefits.


Adobe Stock is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud Libraries. You can add a watermarked preview of a stock image to any of your libraries directly using the Adobe Stock website.

You can license content or save previews directly to a CC Library by mousing over the on-screen thumbnail, and choosing the License button or heart icon, respectively.

Then, in Creative Cloud apps that support Libraries—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD, Dreamweaver, and Dimension—you can drag the watermarked stock image from the Libraries panel to your creative project.

CC Libraries in Adobe Illustrator

Sharing and Collaborating

How do I Share a Library?

  1. On the Adobe Stock website, select a CC Library from the Libraries tab, located in the upper right corner of the web site.
  2. Once the Library opens, tap on the Library options (the hamburger menu) in the upper right corner of the Library view.
  3. Choose Send Library Link.
  4. Copy the link from the dialog box, add a description if needed and click the Save button
1 - Select a Library
2 - Choose Send Library Link from the Library options menu
3 - Sending the Library link is as simple as copying the url and pasting it into an email.

Additional Options

You can enable or disable the following options:

Allow to Follow: Any Creative Cloud users with this link can choose to keep their web view of your library in sync with any updates you make.

Allow to Save: Any Creative Cloud users with this link can save an editable copy to their account. They will not sync any of your updates, but they can edit their copy without affecting yours. This is not the same as collaboration, where a Creative Cloud user invited to a Library could add, edit or delete content from a shared Library.

Note: Sending a link in this manner is for sharing the Library only, and does not allow for full collaboration beyond viewing and licensing the content online. To learn how to enable full collaboration, read on...

Other Sharing and Collaborating Options

For true collaboration, where you can not only share a library to multiple Creative Cloud users, but also enable them to add assets to that library, you'll need to initiate this action from assets.adobe.com or from within desktop apps which support CC Libraries.

Browser-based Collaboration

  1. Start by going entering this url into your browser: https://assets.adobe.com.
  2. Sign in to Creative Cloud, if necessary.
  3. Choose Libraries.
  4. Choose Share from the ellipsis at the bottom right of the library you wish to add collaborators
  5. Select Invite. This will open dialog window where you can invite users to collaborate. You can choose whether they can view or edit.

Watch the video below to see the process in action.

To View, or to Edit?

You can choose to allow collaborators to either edit or view a library. Allowing collaborators to edit, means they can add to or remove content from a library. Allowing collaborators to view means they can view the library, or copy the contents of the shared folder to a new folder and make changes privately to them. These options can be changed or revoked at any time by the owner of the library. Likewise, editors and viewers can choose to leave the collaboration at any time.

In-app Collaboration

You can start this process from within the Libraries panel of any desktop application which supports CC Libraries, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Premiere Pro and After Effects.

  1. Open the Libraries panel.
  2. Select the Panel Options
  3. Choose Invite People... (Originally, Collaborate...)

Clicking “Invite People...” will open a browser window, taking you right to the "Invite" dialog, seen in the first video.

Once you've invited users, and set them up to edit the library, they will be able to add even more content. From within the Libraries panel in desktop applications, or from assets.adobe.com, or even from the Creative Cloud mobile app, your team can now add a wide range of content, including color swatches, character styles, patterns, brushes, layer styles, and video looks. And, just like the stock content added to the library, this other content is available almost instantly to anyone with sharing rights to the Library!

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