Cancer skylee ann weyers

Normal Cell Division- There is one parent cell, it duplicates the DNA that is contained in its nucleus. From there the chromatids coil up and them line up in the middle of the cell. The chromatids then separate and more to opposite ends of the cells. Then new cells structures are formed and the cells completely separate. The result is two genetically identical daughter cells. *In a person with cancer, cell division is irregular. The DNA in the nucleus of the parent is mutated. Cell division starts to occur recklessly and pass the mutation on to each daughter cell. The recklessness of the cell division causes tumors, which in turn cause cancer.*

What does radiation do to your body when you get cancer? When someone goes through radiation treatment for their cancer, they are given high energy particles/waves--> these particles/waves destroy or damage the cancer cells. Radiation therapy aims specific amounts of the radiation at the cancerous tumors.

How does radiation cure cancer? Radiation damages/destroys cancer cells, and prevents the cancer from spreading.

What does malignant mean? Malignant means that the mass of cells(tumor) is cancerous. This type of tumor has the ability to multiply rapidly and spread to other tissues and other parts of the body.

What are some cancers that are malignant? Some very common malignant cancers are breast, prostate, basal cell, colon, lung, leukemia, and lymphoma cancer.


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