Our Top 10 Excel Reporting Favorite Features with xlcubed

Apart from the speed, flexibility and familiarity of reporting in Excel, XLCubed further improves the entire Excel-centric reporting experience. XLCubed combines everything that is great about Excel as a dashboard tool, addresses annoying limitations and enhances authoring, data visualization, grouping, publishing and sharing.

The following is a list of XLCubed users’ favorite features that are simply not available with other Excel reporting solutions in the market.

XLCubed Add-In

1. Flexibility to freely navigate and report outside of pivot tables without breaking links to underlying data models to ensure one version of the truth.

2. Enhanced, scoped and dynamic table calculations for any valid Excel formula is supported without having to use complex MDX or DAX code. Please refer to a video demonstration of this capability.

3. First-class user experience to define custom reporting Groups or Named Sets, again without having to use any MDX or DAX code.

Define custom reporting Groups or Named Sets

4. An ability to define, use or combine any Excel cell range dynamically within XLCubed calculations and report selections, fully leveraging the flexibility of Excel itself

5. Web and mobile publication of Excel developed, data-connected reports and dashboards within a straightforward, scalable, and governed infrastructure. Please refer to the video demonstration of this capability.

6. XLCubed XL3Links are used like Excel formulas to enable contextual links within multi-sheet reports, or between separate reports both in Excel and on web published reports and dashboards.

7. Version control is invaluable for self-service Excel-centric reporting.

Excel Version Control

8. More data visualization types for Excel including interactive tree maps, small multiples, trellis charts, sophisticated interactive geospatial mapping and a library of in-cell charts including sparklines, KPIs and bullet graphs.

Additional data visualization options

9. Report level data mashups – many different data source types can be brought together at report level, without the need for a semantic model and or complications of data refresh. Please refer to the video demonstration of a mashup between SQL Server Analysis Services and Excel.

10. Governed collaboration allows users to annotate or initiate discussion on any level of data.

Governed Collaboration
XLCubed customers

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