Blossoming Photography Jada Jeanettes Portfolio

Horizon Park ,Belleville Mi.

Focused on detail and color of the object (statue). Brought attention to the metals shapes and colors such as the rust starting to form. The sky with the darker clouds helps bring out the intensity to the statues position.

ISO:160 F/4.0 1/500sec

Main St. ,Downtown Belleville MI.

Street Photography: This black and white photo has selective color to bring attention to the components of what makes Downtown Belleville's Main St.

Stop Light : ISO:3200 f/16 1/2000sec. Barber shop: ISO:3200 f/22 1/2000sec

Van Buren Park ,Lake Side ,Belleville MI.

"Self Portrait"-This photo shows myself going to step off the dock to the water. A self portrait represents or shows the subject in the photo. I chose the lake because water is a large part of my life being in the water or around it. The tattoo is centered to show everything is around trust and hope to me.

ISO:320 f/5.6 1/2000sec

A Day At Disney-Orlando Florida
ISO 2000 f/4.5 1/160sec Repetition

For the shoot of repetition I decided to shoot a cart of apples for the repetition of their shape but variances in color. At Charlies Apple in Brownstown Michigan.

ISO 1600 f/22 1/30sec Glamour Shot

For my glamour shot I shot my best friend Peyton for homecoming night. I shot this with her facing the streak of sunlight to enhance the vibrance of her hair and reflection of the glitter of her makeup.

ISO 1600 f/22 1/50 Commercial Shot

This commercial shot I decide to capture the smiles and success of teenagers at the location that has been shot in the background. Like a commercial of a product they usually show the success of it from users.

ISO 800 f/20 1/6 Symmetry

A pool lane divider showing two east sides of a pool used for competitions,same length same color same amount of tiles.

IS0 800 f/20 1/5sec
ISO 400 f/11 1/2000sec HDR

A school house on the lake,I chose this to be black and white to keep the viewers eye on the detail within the trees and snow on the roof.

IS0 1600 f/22 1/200sec Simplicity

Like a rose is known for simplicity and the color is black which is bland it brings the detail to the smallest things . Especially which decay of a flower it bring notice to the color changes of a decaying flower.

ISO 3200 f/36 1/4000sec
ISO 6400 f/8.0 1/320sec
ISO 1600 f/10 1/320sec
ISO 1600 f/10 1/320sec
ISO 1600 f/25 1/160sec Assumptions

The goal of this shot was to photograph someone in their natural surrounding and write a bio about them that doesn't seem to match anybody's assumptions of the person.I photographed myself because I grew up in a very white ,countryside community with high standards.Yet am Latina,apart of a lgbtq family and covered in tattoos and piercings.

Books ISO 6400 f/4.0 1/60sec Phone ISO 12800 f/8.0 1/125 Our Generation

I Shot in black and white to represent what the generation sees when all they are is surrounded by the technologies of the world. The first photo represents how we are throwing our surroundings away for tomorrows things and forgetting yesterdays. While the second photo represent how people today and tied to technology and mesmerized by what the see on a screen rather than in front of them

1/60sec 5.6F ISO200

This is a photo of a tree with growing mushrooms,I took this with the thought of pattern because of the repetition on of mushroom and how they are growing.

1/80sec 16f ISO 400, 1/60sec 13f ISO 200

I chose to try t reflection,symmetrical and asymmetrical aspects . I feel as if all three fit because if you were to split these photos in half they are very similar if not the same as their subjects. The bridges two halves . What makes them asymmetrical is the contrasting ideas of light and dark.

Created By
Jeanette Guinn


Student Photographer