Hottest Spot in Bloomington By: Layla Johnson

Nick's English Hut is a lively sports bar that offers American food and a great atmosphere. I asked Zach, one of the managers, "What do you like most about working here?" He responded with: "The tradition and all the different kinds of people that you see come in; different ages, different demographics, People from all over the world."
There are two levels and three bars in Nick's, which allows for large crowds of people, especially during sports season. Nick's is known for it's great atmosphere and friendly staff.
The staff at Nick's is very close knit and more like family than anything else. "I've never worked in a corporate place but I can imagine it's nothing like this place, I mean a lot of people have been here for a long time and they enjoy working here," Zach says about the staff environment.
I asked Hayden (Right) why he liked working at Nick's and he responded with "It's (Nick's) a good place to work, you know, it's the hottest place in town and that's for a reason. You have people that are happy about doing what they do and that's how you run a good business."
Rachel Grey has been an employee at Nick's for four years and is still enjoying her time there. "It's (Nick's) definitely the most unique place I have ever worked in the way of we're all like family. The people who come here stick around for a long time usually and we're all really close to each other so it's kind of nice having a second family away from home."
The employees aren't the only ones who love it at Nick's, the customers always have a great time. Miranda (Not Pictured) says "I think it's a really cool environment, the food is really good. It feels like you can just relax and they always play good music!"
Nick's has a variety of food items including sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and soups. There are also healthier options including salads and gluten free items.

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