TFS Connection Volume VIII

Meet your TFS Staff: Michele Callahan - TFS Office Manager. She makes all things run smoothly. Michele celebrates 10 years with TFS this July! She shares that her number 1 reason for being at TFS is the people we support. She appreciates the family-like atmosphere and her fantastic co-workers.

Michele is originally from New York but has called Tennessee home for the many years. She and her husband, Jamie found their way to Tennessee by way of Memphis State University (now, University of Memphis) when Jamie transferred there. They have 3 adult children: Ally, Marco and Jack. They have 1 grandchild, Layne, who turns 3 in May.

An interesting tidbit about Michele is, she is actually an introvert at heart. If you know her, you may find this difficult to believe as she is not known to be quiet but shares it's hard for her to engage strangers and is not a fan of social events. Some wise words she always shared with her kids that are timeless - be kind to others and treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Don't forget to be gentle and kind to animals.

Hello Spring in Tennessee! The beauty, the blooms, the sneezes...! How's 2021 treating you? We're not going to sugar coat it, it's been tough at times. COVID unemployment and pay benefits have compounded an already tenuous staffing shortage. You may have heard that beginning September 1st of this year, all DIDD services combine and will be run by the MCOs, Managed Care Organizations aka insurance companies. The clinic is slowly gaining ground but not near as fast as we had first hoped. All that said, we have many reasons to be grateful. Stick with us and see how it all turns out!

Share and spread the word! A variety of opportunities to join the TFS family!

You may recall the beautiful snow of February 2021. Many areas in middle Tennessee received a few inches - which is a few more inches than we get most winters.

Beautiful can quickly turn to "Oh, no!" when you are trying to get to work or home and are stuck or scared to travel.

Our generous Board of Directors decided to recognize the staff who went above and beyond during the snow storm to make sure the precious folks at TFS had the supports they needed.

A peek at our annual Family Teacher celebration in February!

It's not often you get to celebrate a Golden Anniversary! Our founders, Ralph and Tracy Kennedy celebrated 50 years of marriage on February 13th. We are so thankful for them. Here they are enjoying their first great grandchild, Wesley. If you feel inclined, it's not too late to congratulate them as they will be celebrating all year. They've earned it.

We sure hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick's day and were prepared for the pinchers like Cody, John and John were!

Easter fun and smiles!

Lexi and Dan McLaughlin are expecting their first baby by the end of the month. We are thankful we got the chance to surprise them and celebrate!

Come and see us this Saturday!

We could not meet our goals without our generous donors. Our biggest annual fundraiser is right around the corner - The Big Payback starts Wednesday, May 5th, at 6p to May 6th, at 6p. 24 hours of giving to your favorite non-profits in middle Tennessee! Stay tuned for more updates...

Sneak Peek! (Credit: Chris Rosenbaum)

Ami Gauldin- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Andrew Howard- QIDP/TFM Consultant, Basiru Konta- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Brad Bellew- Maintenance, Brittany Johnson- Director of Programs, Cassi Carpenter- Assistant Office Manager, Chandra Michon- TFM Consultant, Daniel Bellew- Maintenance, Daniel McLaughlin- Maintenance, Elaine Palmer- RN Trainer, Hailey Hall- Human Resources Assistant, Holly Puckett- Hub Nurse, Jackie Scarlett- Service Coordinator, Jessica Brown- Hub Nurse, Joyce Gilton- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Julia Hall- Auditor, Kimberly Snipes- IMC/QA Director, Lexi McLaughlin- Medical Coordinator, Lindsey Wisniewski- Hub Nurse, Lori Mills- Auditor, Michele Callahan- Office Manager, Naomi Suddarth- Human Resources Director, Ralph Kennedy- CEO, Rita Tate- QA Auditor, Sarah Harrison- ADON, Shelly Hall- Executive Director, Sonette Lazare- Administrative Assistant, Tracy Kennedy- Admin. Assistant, Tracy Parker-Oyinlola- Family Teacher/Lead Staffing Coordinator, Quintin Perkins- TFM Consultant, Whitney Lester- DON


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