Visit to the Harn What does art mean in the good lIfe?

Medium of the Art

This piece of art, depicting a New York Cityscape, I greatly appreciated in the context of the museum, along with the other similar landscapes painted by this artist. I think having all of the similar paintings arranged into an exhibit left me with more of an impact than one painting on its own would have. The modern flair to the art that called back to 1920s imagery of the Big Apple's skyline which left me with a sense of nostalgia. The pictures all together were also more aesthetically pleasing, as more of the style of the artist could be captured, rather than looking at just one of the images and having to guess at whether the style changed from piece to piece.

Design of the Museum

This exhibit took me as particularly striking; not only is the open ceiling, open-concept layout appealing and easy to maneuver in, it contains a number of prints from places I have previously been to. I spent a lot of time in this room, taking in the art, looking at maps and reading the text. This was facilitated by the lone-standing walls dotted with art on either side. Also, the abundance of benches to sit on and look at the pieces made it that much easier to just sit and absorb the exhibit.

Art and Core Values

Currently, I am studying Spanish, as I am a definite fan of language learning. To me it is a fun way to exercise the brain and to really reach out and be able to communicate with other people in all parts of the world. These pieces of artwork, along with the music, stuck out to me in the museum, due to my passion for wanting to know second/third languages. Being able to communicate effectively with others is important to me, so seeing this piece and being able to translate the text and read the music made it have an impression on me. Moments like these make hobbies worth it, when you can have a real-world experience with the thing/skill you have been trying to learn.

Art and the Good Life

This piece, the caption in french, is depicting the elitism of politicians in making decisions that in some cases do not represent the good of the people that elected them, but however the good of the people who funded them on the top of the socio-economic ladder. This sort of commentary on social issues, especially through cartoonists, is a characteristic which art has that can relate to the good life. This sort of art challenges things that the artist deems to be wrong and allows him/her to fight for the sort of society and values that they believe in. This idea of "fighting for the good life" can be found in this sketch because it gives the artist a voice to combat the issue of corruption in politics due to the involvement of donor money.

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