Saturn By: Serenity Bensing and Dakota Noble

It is a planet from the sun. It is the sixth planet from the sun. It's the second largest of the eight planets. Saturn is one of the planets that orbit or travel around the sun.

Saturn doesn't have a surface. It has a core of rock and ice at the center. A thick atmosphere pushes down on Saturn. Gases in Saturn's lower atmosphere become thick like syrup! Saturn is huge its diameter or distance through its center is about 74,900 miles.

It's grouped with Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. Saturn rotates quickly as it revolves around the sun. It takes Saturn about 29 Earth years to complete 1 orbit.

Saturn has 33 moons. Saturn's rings are pieces of rock and ice. Saturn is called a gas planet.

The first time we took pictures of it was in 1980. In 2004 the Cassini spacecraft began a trip through Saturn's rings. People have observed Saturn from Earth since ancient times.

the beautiful Saturn is a planet in our Universe.

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