Four diamonds of Italy: Milan, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Verona stay 9 days and 8 nights just for 450 Euro

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Personalise Your Holiday with The Verona Opera Festival

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Your first stop:

Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lake — 56 square miles of water shaped like an upside down “Y” — is surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

Como is not just the name of the lake, but it’s also the name of the city at the base of the lake. There’s plenty to see on a day trip if you’re not staying there. Like most Italian cities, Como features a duomo built back in the 14th century, which has a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles, Basilica di Sant’Abbondio and the Basicilica di San Fedele.

Majestic mosaic of mountains, rolling hills and resplendent Mediterranean vegetation, Lake Como's enchanting environment leaves a long-lasting impression

Immerse yourself in the idyllic Italian landscape, trekking resplendent terrain, mountain-climbing and basking underneath the beautiful views of Bellagio.

You’ll be at one with nature again with this relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.

Enjoy the lake's view from the terrace where you can have a great time in a evening with delicious local meat and fish dishes...

There is nothing more pleasant than, enjoying delicious dishes, to see an idyllic landscape ...

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From its imposing historic center and fashion districts to the countryside outskirts, Milan is a rare and appealing mixture of ancient values and contemporary lifestyle.

The Navigli area features an abundance of restaurants, ranging from pizzerias to fine seafood haunts, while Piazza del Duomo, boasting the Milan Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world guarding the city’s cobblestoned streets since 1385, opens to shops, theaters, museums, and galleries in the city center.

Big fashion names can be found in the Corso Buenos Aires or Corso Vercelli,..

... and cultural sights are plentiful, including attractions such as the Sforza Castle...

..and world famous treasure Milan will bring to you...

One of the most exclusive Italian destinations. For art, design, architecture, fashion and food...

You can find the most amazing shops, building, gardens, restaurants as soon as you start searching. And if you have the time to explore…the food is simply outstanding...

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Lake garda

Travelling via train, you'll head for this gloriously tranquil destination that exudes understated elegance and friendly charm.

A geographically stunning location, keen photographers, water sports enthusiasts and sun seekers would be mad to miss a trip to Lake Garda's alluring shoreline,...

Water sports, walking trails and the world-renowned thermal springs of Terme de Sirmione provide plenty to do for those who favour a busy holiday. For the adventurous and culture-crazed, hike to Bastion to see some unforgettable views, visit the 19th century San Martino Tower, or take a sunny stroll along the Ciclo-Pendonale to Lazise-Bardolino route.

...but secretly, there's nothing nicer than simply soaking in the idyllic scenery.

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Personalise Your Holiday with: The Verona Opera Festival - from £61 per person

Best known for its Shakespeare associations, Verona attracts a multinational gaggle of tourists to its pretty piazzas and knot of lanes, most in search of Romeo, Juliet and all that.

But beyond the heart-shaped kitsch and Renaissance romance, Verona is a bustling centre, its heart dominated by a mammoth, remarkably well-preserved 1st-century amphitheatre, the venue for the city's annual summer opera festival.

Whether you’re an opera aficionado or not, a trip to the oldest open-air opera festival could not be a better addition to your stay.

Held in a Roman amphitheatre, the summer performances are truly something special – when the floodlights go down on the 15,000 spectators, the cacophony diminishes to hushed whispers, before the magic begins and the beautiful voices fill the dusky air...

Performances start between 8.45 to 9.00pm, so you may wish to enjoy a pre opera dinner or drink...

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