Double Victory by:Michael Cheng & Samuel Wai

Mexican American during WWII

Mexican Americans supported the war effort with over 500,000 joining the army. Mexicans also help the war with the Bracero Program, as both agricultural and railroad workers.

African Americans in WWII

African Americans served valiantly in the army. Even though at the beginning they were non combatants, heavy losses allow them to prove themselves. They also fought for discrimination for job employment.

Four Similarities between Mexican and African Americans

  • Mexican and African Americans were both needed for manual labor.
  • They both serve with distinction in the war
  • Mexican and African Americans faced discrimination when they returned from the war
  • Both form civil rights groups and movements after the war.

Three Differences between Mexican and African americans

  • Africans had a successful protest to banned employment discrimination towards hiring the minority.
  • Latinos in the military were not segregated into different units, unlike Africans.
  • Mexican Americans were given jobs albeit horrible ones, while Africans were denied jobs.

Mexican American: Treatment

  • Mexican Americans were discriminated by white people, and youth mostly. The youth were discriminated the most by solider and sailors.
  • On June 3, 1943 the Zoot Suit Riots occur. White sailors and marines attacked anyone wearing a zoot suit. Despite this the press label the sailors and marines as hero.

Mexican American: Contribution

  • Between 250,000 and 500,000 Mexican Americans served in WWII.
  • The Mexican Americans were used as railroad workers and farmers.

Mexican American: Analysis

  • I think that they should of been treated so much better because they contributed so much into the war.

Slogan: "Not Invaders but Helpers!"

African American: Treatment

  • During the war African Americans who served for the U.S. military were highly discriminated and segregated.
  • There was a heavy bias towards not hiring blacks.

African American: Contribution

  • 145,000 black men served in the U.S Air Force, while black women enlisted in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps.
  • Had a march up to Washington and convince FDR to issue the temporary Fair Employment Practices Committee.

African American: Analysis

  • I felt as though the march on Washington was honorable and smart.

Slogan: "We are Americans!"

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