White Fang Reading 3

What does "survival of the fittest" mean?

In chapter three, White Fang a small cub, gets more and more curious and begins to venture out of the cave to explore the surroundings. He almost gets killed by a hawk and a weasel. He quickly learns the basic law of nature: "eat or be eaten". He watches his mother in a vicious fight with a lynx and a few times he sinks his teeth into the lynx. The lynx dies and they feast.

The character White Fang is used by the author to show the development of a "half-wolf, half-dog" more wild being into a more tame and loyal domesticated dog. This happens when White Fang meets Scott who is the first human to show kindness to him.

The author, Jack London, explores the theme nature versus civilization. He illustrates the example of White Fang who begins the story in the wild, killing many other animals to survive, and ends the story as the father of a liter of pups living in a household with his loyal friend Scott.

In my opinion, White Fang, is an excellent story that explores the differences between nature and civilization and the expected behaviors in each situation. My favorite part is in the last chapter when White Fang learns to be loyal to and trust his owner, Scott. He shows that he is ready to become part of the family and he even starts his own family with "Collie" and has five puppies! The story made me realize that sometimes our actions are not always desirable, but that must act in order to survive.


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