The Harn By Scott aronson

Medium of the Art

I found this piece of art particularly striking. The dual face design seemed like it was meant to intimidate and cause fear, perhaps designating a sign of authority. Seeing it in person made me appreciate the complexity of its design much more. I felt astonished by the craftsmanship that went into building such a helm. It communicated an aura of power and strength from a tribe long ago.

Design of the museum

The rock garden is what I felt was the most serene section of the Harn. Perhaps it was the open air, or the orderly tracks which lined the rocks, but it was here that I felt most peaceful and relaxed. With the Sun warming my skin and the wind brushing my face, time seemed to stand still for a moment. Looking at the way the rocks had been raked was both visually pleasing and mentally calming. This area provides a tranquil space for any who come.

Art and Core Values

While looking for an artwork which represented my "core value" I had no idea what type of piece of art I would choose. Immediately after seeing this glorious landscape from across the gallery I knew this would be it. The landscape seems to convey a warm spring day, the sky is clear, and a beautiful bloom of flowers paints the countryside. In a good life one must have peace, for a good life one must be happy, and with a good life a scene like this is all one needs. I felt comforted and blissful while my eyes were over it, the mood of the day transferred itself onto me. In this panting I found my happy spot, one of relaxation and enlightenment. It was only after further inspection I saw this was in-fact the Monet.

Art and The Good Life

This statue reflects the Good Life theme of finding ones own path in life. Just as in the book Siddhartha Siddhartha had to find his own way, so do we. In life there will not always be people who can tell us the best decisions or what course of action we should take. At some point we have to take responsibility for our own lives and goals and do our best to see them out. This statue reminds me of that fact in life, and his expression shows it's not a bad thing. I am grateful that we can choose our own way and we are not restricted.

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