Fitbit Flex Ashley koenig

The Fitbit Flex is the newest and most up to date Fitbit. It is able to track your footsteps, hours slept, calories burned, and active minutes. You are able to look at all of these things with the light up LED band that shows you. The Fitbit is the thing to wear if you want to track how fit you are daily.

There are many places that you are able to buy this wonderful product. Best Buy has it for the nice price of $44.99. Target sales it for $70.

If you are looking for an easy way to keep track of how fit you are throughout the day, then the fitbit is the watch for you. They are worn on your wrist so that you can easily check your progress throughout the day. It track your steps, calories burned, active minutes, and how much you slept. Buying the fitbit will help you get fit in your daily life.

Fitbit Flex Review

People around the world have mixed emotions about this product. they like that it is light and fits on your wrist nicely. They also like that it is waterproof. They don't like that it doesn't show the time. Some say that it doesn't count your steps or sleeping hours very accurately. Overall, I would say that people dislike them more than they like them.


Created with images by Gauravonomics - "I'm using Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up & Fitbit Flex together, but i feel that Moves App is giving me the best data about my activity." • JeepersMedia - "Fitbit" • Janitors - "Fitbit" • JeepersMedia - "Fitbit" • David Armano - "Overachiever day according to #Fitbit #Flex. Still a few hours left. :-)" • JeepersMedia - "Fitbit" • Acarlos1000 - "Fitbit" • MoBarger - "fb.activity" • Arnie Kim - "Fitbit" • epredator - "Branding right twice a day #451 #fitbit"

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