Be a Social Media Marketing Superhero! You're on your way. All it takes is a plan... and we've got one for you.

It only takes 15 days to get into the habit of posting consistent, engaging content on your social media feeds. We've put together three playbooks and content calendars for your top social marketing goals that will turn you into social media marketing superhero in no time. Better yet, these playbooks can be used over and over again! Focus on the one that most supports your immediate goals first. Try the others as you establish a consistent social media posting rhythm and see progress with your engagement.

This playbook is ideal for:

  • Building awareness of your product, cause, or service for your business
  • Starting clean and pivoting your brand with a fresh social media strategy
  • Beginning a relationship with new or future customers
  • Building a brand identity and online presence
  • Improving your existing online presence and establishing a consistent social media content stream.

This playbook is ideal for:

  • Growing an existing audience, or creating more qualified users on social
  • Using social media as a portal for customer service and support
  • Engaging in authentic conversations with your customer base to create trust and further establish your brand identity
  • Learning what's working and not working directly from your customers and followers

This playbook is ideal for:

  • Creating brand recognition on an industry level, so that you’re looked to for insights that are wider-reaching and universal.
  • Building trust with your customers (both B2B and B2C) to position your company as a trustworthy source or expert.
  • Staying timely and relevant with the content that you’re creating (always up on latest trends, etc).
  • Cultivating a longer term or deeper relationship with your customers and network.


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Are you using social media marketing in your organization or for yourself, and looking to accomplish goals that will help you build or grow your online presence? Are you planning on using these playbooks and content calendars?

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Verna Bhargava


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