Elements of an iPhone By: evan nancoo

1. What elements are in an iPhone?

The case is made out of Aluminum (Al).

The battery is made out of Aluminum (Al).

The processor chip contains Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag).

Apple has not released what element the screen is made out of.

2. What materials can be reused?

Silver (Al) can be reused.

What are the hazardous materials?

There are no hazardous materials in an iPhone.

3. Where do these elements come from?

Aluminum comes from Australia. Silver and Gold comes from Canada, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Bolivia, Australia and the United States.

4. Is your device easily recycled? If so explain the process. If not, what happens.

If phones are being recycled Apple will take some of the materials out to reuse and throw the phone away or they will fix the phone and put it back on the shelves. At the end of the iPhone's life it will usually sit in the owner's home.

5. What length of time does someone keep the device before being replaced?

The average person keeps the iPhone 2-4 years before it breaks or they buy a new one.

6. Where does your device have the highest usage rates.

7. What are the societal, environmental, and economic pros and cons to your device.

Societal: You can text fast and have social media, but you are less active and don't talk as much in real life.

Environmental: iPhones give off green house gases, but Apple is looking into different ways to build their phones with less harm.

Economic: Very expensive, but very good quality.

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