Jim Crow Laws

Jim crow laws

The Jim Crow laws were laws that African-Americans had to follow. If they didn't follow these rules there could be many consequences.

One Jim crow law was that an African-American shook a white mans hand in public he/she would be lynched if caught.

There are many examples of this in Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry such as when the Berry's refused to to get gas somewhere else they got burned by white men.

Voting rights

An African-American had to first pass a test just to be able to vote. They then had to pay the fee to vote. If they did this they had to travel to a voting station with the chance of being arrested and thrown in jail. If they made it this far they could have been not allowed to vote by the voting director.

The great Depression

The great depression is taking place in Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. It was a time when the stock market crashed and had a tremendous effect on every day life. If you were an African-American in the 1800s it was very hard to find a good job. If you were an African-American during the Great Depression it was even harder. Even white people lost jobs and had to sell their houses and farms. During this time their was also a drought. This drought made it hard to farm crops due to the lack of water. In Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry characters were effected because all of the students had to read out of old books and most students didn't even have shoes.

Abonishment of Slavery

The abonishment of slavery was huge for slaves. It gave slaves the right to be free of working for a white person. It was a new life for them. In this new life they would be able to start a family and get a job to support that family. They would also have rights to do more things. It showed this in The Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry because in the book it doesn't show that there is any slavery. It shows slavery that happened years ago but not at the present time.


Lyniching is the punishment a African-American would receive if they disobeyed the laws during the time of slavery. They could be hung, beat, put on the chain gang, and killed. It shows this in Roll of Thunder when the night men want to hang T.J. For supposedly killing Mr.Barnett. It says this in Roll of Thunder (“Mr. Granger sent word by me that he ain’t gonna stand for no hanging on his place. He say y’all touch one hair on that boy’s head while he on this land, he’s gonna hold every man here responsible.") (Roll of Thunder) 289

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