Tobago By: nathan noller


Map of Tobago

The island of Tobago is the southernmost island in the Caribbean sea, and lies just outside of the hurricane belt. Tobago is also northeast of Trinidad, and southeast of Grenada. Trinidad is the brother island to Tobago. This island, in total is 116 square meters. Tobago is home to a total of 60,874 people.


In the island of Tobago, most people like to enjoy some stewed chicken with white rice, and some red beans, fried plantains, and homemade ginger beer. Most people like to play the sport of golf, or cricket, or even go diving in the Atlantic Ocean. The main language for this island is English, and the main religion is Christianity.

A young girl rests during a festival


On Christopher Columbus's 3rd voyage to the new world, he discovered Tobago, but the real name for this island is Tobagonian. The island originally got it's name from the English word tobacco. In the late 1500's and early 1600's the native people had to defend their home against other American tribes, along with several other powers.

Beach side pier

Mountainside shores of Tobago

The sunsets on the Tobago Horizon


This island mainly consists of beach's, volcano's, and mountains. The highest point in Tobago is on Pigeon Peak which is 1804 feet. Also, there is this mountain range that is called the main ridge, which is 18 miles long! Not to mention that the forest in Tobago take up 43% of the island. The average temperature is around 90 degrees during the summer. Also, there is a rain season, that is during the months of December through May.



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