Education Matters 2017 Report

4 311 940

Amount, in U.S. dollars, earned in financial aid and scholarships by 15 USAP students in the 2017 Early Decision cycle.

Early decision students will be leaving for: Brescia, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Carleton, Davidson, Grinnell, Harvard, Northwestern, Pomona, Rochester (3), Smith, Tufts and Vanderbilt. Stay tuned for regular decision stats.


The number of USAP Zimbabwe in the 2017-2018 cohort.

The USAP program continues to reach deeper into the country and identify low-income high achieving students, with communitarian ethos and leadership potential from all of the country's provinces.


The number of students in USAP Zambia's 2017 cohort.

USAP has also rekindled in Malawi and Uganda, with their inaugural cohorts being selected in 2018.


The total number of A's garnered by USAP Zimbabwe students in November 2017 A'level exams.

USAP students continue to impress with their academic achievements, sometimes under the most challenging circumstances. This year a few of our students came from homes where they were the head of the family, the only member or otherwise living alone.


The number of days USAP students had to prepare for the May SAT test.

When the College Board cancelled the June SAT Reasoning test, our students were left with no option but to take the test that was nine days away.


The number of organizations in the HALI network.

EdMatters chaired the HALI network in 2017. HALI organizations assist high-achieving low-income students from across Africa to access international educational opportunities.

1 090

The number of students HALI organizations worked with in 2017.

To learn more about HALI visit haliaccess.org


The number of admissions officers who visited EdMatters in 2017.

We were pleased to have admissions officers or representatives from the following schools stop by and chat with students and career counselors from high schools around Zimbabwe: Amherst, Ashesi, Babson, Brown, Colby, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, MIT, Michigan State, Middlebury, Northwestern, Pomona, Princeton, Rochester, Sciences Po, Smith, Swarthmore, Tufts, UPenn, Williams and CIS delegation with representatives from 12 schools.


The number of college counselors who participated in EdMatters training on the U.S. college admission process.

As we continue our efforts to reach the furthest regions of Zimbabwe, we come up against wide knowledge gaps among educators about international college application processes. These gaps present a challenge when students need support from teachers to complete their applications. We're meeting this challenge by sharing what we know with counselors and educators.


The number of Ambassadors to Zimbabwe who visited EdMatters.

Congratulations, Ambassador Harry K. Thomas! You win the EdMatters prestigious Most Awesome Ambassador prize.



The number of students in our YYAS program.

The Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program works with students, in their fifth and sixth form, and helps them think through college options, the admission process as well as how to become impactful leaders in their communities and the continent. YYAS is an official program of Yale University.


The number of students from the 2017 SAC who earned sports scholarships to begin college in the U.S. in August 2017 and January 2018.

Our Student Athlete Cohort (SAC) program helps national level student athletes navigate the complicated world of applying for sports scholarships in the U.S.


The number of meters Chengetayi Mapaya jumped in triple jump to become 3rd best in NCAA Division 1.


The number of seconds it took Tinotenda Matiyenga to run 100m and qualify for the IAAF World U20.

Both Chengetayi and Tinotenda are from our SAC 2017 cohort and are now studying at Texas Christian University.

The peerless Alex Maseko goes through the ins and outs of sports scholarship application with prospective student-athletes.


The number of students in the 2017 cohort of the Zimbabwe Career Connect internship program.

ZCC connects students studying abroad with companies in Zimbabwe, to help them develop professional networks at home and provide real world experience in their chosen career paths. Last year students were placed with the following companies: Advisory K, AiBST, Anglo American/Unki Mine, Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants, Chiedza Child Care Center, Econet Wireless, Ecosurgica, First Mutual, Liquid Telecommunications, Mpilo Hospital, Plan International Zimbabwe, Public Accountants and Auditors Board, Pulse Pharmaceuticals, Women Coalition of Zimbabwe, World Education, Zimbabwe Online (ZOL)


The total number of students involved in EdMatters programs in 2017.

Education Matters runs the following programs:

  • Student Athlete Cohort (SAC)
  • United Student Achievers Program (USAP)
  • Zimbabwe Career Connect (ZCC)
  • Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) local partner


The number of USAP alumni who attended the 2017 USAP Forum, held in Zimbabwe.

USAP Alumni get together every year for a rejuvenating forum where they share ideas, challenges and triumphs across generations of USAPers from around the world.


The number of countries alumni travelled from for the 2017 forum.

The 2017 USAP forum was held for the first time on the African continent at Chengeta, in Zimbabwe, with the theme "Coming Home".


The number of people on the EdMatters staff.

We are very thankful to have some of the most selfless and versatile people working with our students and juggling so much to push forward the work of making world class tertiary education achievable to many, who would otherwise be unable to access it.

Speaking of selfless, shout out to the MVP, Milo who mans the garden sending positive vibes our way throughout the day but generally preferring to check on us around lunch hour.

10 199

The combined number of kilometers travelled by Education Matters staff in Zimbabwe.

A huge chunk of the travel was to visit with students and their families. Another fuel burner was interviewing students to join the 2017 USAP cohort.

Rain or shine! Visiting with a student's family in the Eastern Highlands.

We are sad to say goodbye to these awesome young people! And thrilled to meet the 2018 USAP cohort in a few short weeks!

Come at us 2018!

Truly, EM team

Thanks for reading!

Email us at info@edmattersafrica.org with any comments.

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