AUTHOR VISITS From my Studio to YOU!

My Presentations

Each illustrator and writer has a unique working environment. Most of my work, from the generation of ideas to the completion of the final work for a book, takes place at home in my studio.

Doing dramatic storytelling during a school visit

I always enjoy sharing my idea journals and sketch books with my audiences. I use my sketches to scaffold the processes of illustration and writing. Creating books can be tricky but I’ve found that the frustrations affiliated with authorship can be overcome by having a number of strategies in place.

Acting out a favorite scene from my book, Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

When visiting Kindergarten students, I draw more, read a number of books and spend less time talking in detail about the process of making books (please let me know if your school has morning and afternoon Kindergarten sessions).

With older students and adult audiences I go into a lot more detail about the processes of writing and revising and working with an editor and art director.

Signing and personalizing my books

Typically I schedule three presentations a day with each being about 45 minutes in length. I suggest allowing at least 15 minutes between sessions so that people can come and go and I can reorganize my materials for the following session.

Equipment Needs & Setting

My projector can be placed on a table with the screen set a couple of feet behind the table

I bring my own equipment because I am familiar with it. I have an iPad, an Epson short-throw projector, a Bose Acoustic Wave Sound System and a wireless headset microphone.

I ask that my hosts provide a room that can be easily darkened as my projected images will show up better. I will also need a slide screen (9’x6’ is ideal) OR a whiteboard with a matte surface. Projecting images on painted walls and cinderblock is NOT effective.

I’ll need a place for my equipment, books and process materials so setting up three tables side-by-side works best.

My Honorarium & Expenses

Audience: All ages (PreK – Adult)

Group Size: 150-200 maximum per session

Sessions: up to three 45-minute presentations

Cost: $1600/day + travel, lodging and meal expenses

Cost is reduced to $1350/day + expenses if two or more consecutive days are booked

It’s a deal!


“Will has an ability to connect with any age group and clearly explain his craft.” -Therese Ehrnschwender, Fayette County Board of Education, WV

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For Venues To Which I Will Be DRIVING:

Zoom, zoom, zoom . . .

Tish Gayle, my events agent, can assist you with book orders. She can help create author visit flyers and book order forms that are personalized for your venue. Book sales can be arranged through her company, Inscribed Books & Gifts. She can be reached at her office at 513.272.8000, Monday - Friday.

I’ll sign and personalize all books and will take them to the venue for distribution on the day of my visit.

For venues to which i will be FLYING:

Contact your favorite bookseller or the publishers of my books about eight weeks before my visit for information about pricing, availability and placing orders.

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