TERM 2 FINAL PROJECT Mariam alkuwari & Sara aref

Google Docs + Drive

In Google Docs Drive 1-4, we learnt about Google Drive, How to create an account, how to share, create files,manage your account, and upload.

Uploading files in Google Drive is easy, you just have to follow these 4 steps:
  1. Select “New” in Google Drive then click “File Upload”
  2. Click on the files you want to upload
  3. And then click on the open button and then the files will be automatically uploaded

Google Sheets

Google sheets is another program made by google. It is similar to Google Docs but instead of allowing you to just write documents it allows you to organize, edit, and analyze almost any type of information using spreadsheets.

Most people think Google Sheets is only used by some people to organize very complicated data but it was also made to help you with your everyday tasks like planning a garden and starting a budget.

To create a new Google Spreadsheet follow these 5 simple steps!
  1. Select New and then select Google Sheets
  2. The spreadsheet will automatically open
  3. To rename your spreadsheet click on “Untitled Name” and rename your file

Internet Safety

Internet risks

Malware: Software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.

Spam: unwanted emails that most times are inappropriate or irrelevant

Phishing: Phishing is designed to steal money by a fake email messages, websites, and phone calls.

How can you stay safe on the internet

The internet is very dangerous once you post something you can never delete it. So you have to know how to be safe I’ll tell you 4 easy ways you can be safe on the internet.

1. Think before you click verify the identity of sites, links, and individuals before contacting them online.

2. Never ever share private or personal information with someone you don’t know.

3. keep your antivirus software up to date.

4. use different log-ins and passwords for each of your accounts and keep them to yourself. That’s 4 easy ways to prevent yourself from the internet.


Mr. Michael taught us lots of things in Sketch up , including using rectangle, push up/down, navigation tools.

The rectangle tool helps you with making the base of your building, it also helps you with making windows.

The push/down tool helps you build 3D figures like it would help you lift your rectangle to build a house.

Lastly the navigation tools help you move around.

Heres a house Using the rectangle, push up/down, navigation tool. Use 20',35',7'

SketchUp 2

This time I'll be Using the pencil, move and eraser tools. The pencil helps you draw just like a real pencil. The move tool helps you move your objects. Finally the eraser tool helps you erase you mistakes

This time Im going to be Using the pencil, move and eraser tools to do a house by the directions of 26',34',7'

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