Who am I Sam zinn

The way someone expresses them selves in public can be completely different to who they really are. I feel this affecting me as well so I'm asking my self "Who am I?". This affects a lot of people in the younger generation because they are still trying to find out who they will become. So I decided to observe myself and make some conclusions on who I am and who I will become. Hopefully with these observations I will find out who I am and can make changes so I can become a better person.


One observation I've noticed about myself is that I have a lot more motivation towards school than I did in the past. This is probably because of college and I need to get better grades if I want to go to the school I want. I remember hearing my counselor talking to me about my options out side of school, and she said I get good enough grades I will have a better chance of getting into the college I want to. One action I took was doing extra cramped it in quantitative reasoning.

Another observation I had about myself is I've been acting lazy and a little un motivated towards keeping organized. My thoughts on this were that I was tired of the same old routine and began doing activities outside of school. Some actions I too were not using my assignment notebook anymore so I was constantly forgetting to do assignment and would end up turning them in late. Especially in aerospace were I didn't do a bunch of assignment and had to turn them in last minute which hurt my grade in the end. I've also be lazy around the house like leaving clothes on the floor and not putting them in the hamper.

The last big observation I've had was that I've been is that I have a low strive. Like in the job community I had a job but then lost it, and I've been wanting another one but haven't gone out and gotten one. This is the same in quantitative reasoning were I need some extra help but won't go up to the teacher and ask for it.


In my first observation I noticed I had a lot more motivation towards school. I think the cause of this is the fact that I want to go to college and be able to get the degree I want. Some of the effects from this don't just relate to school but I have had a higher motivation for pretty much everything other than school. In my second observation I have been lazy and unorganized. I think the cause of this is that I don't really care how I do things, and I'm reluctant to change how I do those things. The effects of this move into school and I start to lose place of where I'm at and doing home work. In. My third observation I have a low strive to do things. I think this is from the little thing I do and am sort of scared to try just case I fail. The effects of this means I am not going out and trying to do better and I'm only hurting my abilities further.

Connections with school and the real world

Some connections I have made through school and the real world is that in quantitative reasoning we are learning about handling money. This is useful because it will help me in the future if I need to take out a loan or something. But in aerospace we are learning how to program a robot. I don't think this is very relevant to the out pride world because I don't want a career path involving coding robots. Although over all the things I've learned in school have or will in the future help me.


Through these observations I will continue to try hard in school, have a better way of organizing, and create a better strive towards all thing in my life. A perspective gained through this is that I need to become a person who is more reliable.

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