Jack Rusells Are The Best what up, pup?

People always think I am crazy for having a jack russell as college student but it is not as hard as it looks. Typically, JTRs are thought of as a very high energy breed. They are bred for hunting mice and other ground pest and have even been known for going fox hunting. The breed is short and stalky and very smart.

Here is a jack russell frolicking on the beach

Beau, however, is a jack russell mix which means he's only got some of the characteristics of a jack russell. He definitely has high energy moments but 90% of the time he is a chill guy. It's important to know he's got a working breed in him. Working breeds need boundaries, training and lots of communication. The most helpful thing to do is to teach them jobs that they can do. Because they were bred to work they need to feel like they are doing something at times or their energy will become destructive.

Another way to work out their energy is to try a K9 sport like agility or flyball. Having to remember rules and patterns exercises a dog mentally as well as physically. A mentally tired dog is a tired dog and a tired dog does not destroy your house when you leave them alone for 5 minutes.

Here is a jack russell playing with a friend

With Beau being a mix I instead can get away with just taking him to the dog park. He has been well socialized and understands other dogs body language really well. Because of this, he's created his own games instead of needing to be taught agility or another sport. His favorite is to get other dogs to chase him and then slow them down by hiding under a bench.


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