Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer

You may have heard of Martin Luther King but you probably haven't heard of Fannie Lou Hamer she was very important to the African American getting voting rights. She also was the one to run freedom summer, which was a event when people from colleges, black and white, went to help African American citizens vote.

what did she do

During her life time she did very important things in her life. One thing she did was ran the freedom Summer . She also worked to remove segregation from the democratic party of Mississippi. She started something called the "pig bank". She also started a program called the FFC (freedom farm cooperative) where she got African American farmers land so they didn't have to share crop.

How did she do it

She went to the NSCC and the SCLC so that she could help African American volunteer to vote. She accomplished the pig bank by giving free pigs to African Americans farmers that needed live stock.

Why did she do it

One reason she did it is when she was little, her family were share cropers, and when her family got out of debt their land owner poisoned their live stock, and they had to pay for new live stock and were back in debt.

pos effects

When she did a speech it went all across America and it encouraged many African Americans to stand up to segregation. She also taught African Americans how to read and right, this gave many people the ability to pass vote exams.

neg effects

When she started standing up to segregation she was fired from her job. One time she was in a bus and was arrested for siting in the white section. When she was bring African Americans to vote three were killed on the way.

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