Andrea Palladio By: Shreya Sharma


-Born November 30th, 1509 in Vicenza Italy.

-He spent most of his life in Vicenza Italy, apprenticed as a stone mason at a young age.

-Palladio's life consisted mostly of creating sculptures

-Andrea Palladio created novels and architecture. One novel is, Quattro Libri de'Architettura (The Four Books of Architecture). Two of many building he created were the Villa Barbaro and the Villa Capra.

-One patron of Palladio was Rudolf Wittkower

-Humanism and perspectivism are related to Palladio's work because most of his work was patronazied by people who wanted art of humanism and because his stone carvings had depth, showing perspective


-Time under construction: 1571-1574

-Located in Vicenza Italy

-The Loggia del Capitaniato is a building in Vicenza, Italy, where Andrea Palladio, the architect of the building was born. The building has four columns on the front side. It has very intricate designs and statues lining the top of the second story.

-Humanism and Perspectivism are linked to this building because there are columns, statues, and very intricate designs used, and just by looking at the front side, you can see perspective. And because there is no church or god involved with the architecture of the building.

-I find this building very interesting because of its intricate designs and statues.

-To see this building visit Vicenza, Italy

-To learn more visit

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