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Fitness wearables have become a revolutionary success in the realm of working out. This technology has the ability to track how we expend energy when performing exercises. Whether it is the Fitbit or Apple Watch, these forms of technology we wear on our wrists are changing the game in fitness and are encouraging people to move more and have an active lifestyle. These fitness wearables also connect us with new technology with just the touch of a screen on our wrist. Everything is more accessible now than ever with fitness wearables as well.

Origin: Although fitness wearables are a recent success within the past 5 years, the ability to track fitness information and demographics goes away back. In the 1980s, BPM training created the Polar PE2000 to display biometric information. Once GPS tracking became apparent in the late 1990s and different health formats started creating applications to better ones health, forces combined to create fitness wearables that we are now aware of such as the Fitbit and Apple watch to help track steps, calories, sleep, etc.

Thesis: The application of fitness wearables is going to benefit society in a new way because it is a new, sleek way to encourage fitness without overdoing it. Whether you wear the watch casually or use it for intense workout sessions, by walking everyday it tracks your steps and still tracks your calories burned as well as sleep cycles to help guide you to better health habits. With such advancements in technology as well, these wearables contain multiple applications that connect to your mobile device to make phone calls and track GPS.

Things your Fitbit can do: Track Sleep Patterns, track weight and exercise, sync information wirelessly to phone, track progress set goals, set alarms, change mood color, compete with friends, achieve goals.

Having individual tailored goals towards what you want to achieve on a fitness level is rewarding. Fitbit's help to provide an up to date weight loss tool that is encapsulated into one fitness watch. Whether it's food, sleep, or steps, the Fitbit has become a successful fitness wearable that has swept the nation in popularity and success.

Things your Apple Watch can do: answer calls, waterproof, tracks runs without mobile device, pick different watch faces, monitor heart rate, monitor calories, track overall fitness

Apple continues to dominate the market in technological advancements whether it is computers, phones, tablets, and now smart watches. With the market being open currently for fitness wearables, Apple has taken their opportunity to enhance fitness watches and make them next level. Through consistent goal updates, motivational messages, and fitness tracking, Apple watches are becoming "The" fitness accessory to sport around these days.

Nike Fitness Watch

Nike has paired up with Apple to present the Nike Apple Watch+. Coming together they present an innovative sports watch that is great for long distance running that tracks miles, steps, minutes, and calories. Along with this comes exclusive nike watch faces and sleek, durable, and breathable workout bands for comfort. Nike Apple watch takes motivation and connecting with friends to the next level as well as incorporating the applications the apple watch uses to connect via your mobile device

Why do Fitness Wearables seem to be an issue? Although fitness watches have been a popular item the past few years, people claim that it might not necessarily make them fit. For people who are unsure of the accuracy of the information being collected on their fitness trackers, there is allegedly much more that goes into the equation of understanding of the wearable. Users collect this data but don't understand how to obtain anything meaningful from this information. If someone was to receive data on their heart rate, improvement of overall health, or tips on how to approach different fitness tasks, the average consumer would be dealt a whole new hand of complex information and wouldn't necessarily know how to approach it. Between the lack of knowledge being received and social media outlets that people listen to in regards to these products, these are some critical issues that need to be approached in the future of fitness wearables. It has come to a point where these wearables are more for the wow factor and various application use now that it is connected to your mobile device, rather than use it for fitness purposes.

So what's next for Fitness wearables? Some of the major issues that need to be addressed with these watches are to ensure the information is in latent terms for the average consumer to understand. On top of this, ensuring that the fitness wearable continues to promote and encourage fitness is the ultimate goal of these products. By listening to consumers and creating a sufficient product, fitness wearables will continue to thrive.


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