Sponsors of Literacy Narrative Patrick Rippy

The most important literacy that I have to this date and that has shaped my life the most is sports. The literacy of sports ever since I can remember has played a key role in the way I have turned out to be. Whether from actually playing, being at the game, or even just sitting on the couch and watching the game on television, I have learned plenty of information in eighteen years. The sports that I have been a part of has taught me a lot in my life especially from either coaches, family, friends, or the specific type of sport.

Family teaches you everything you know.
Deborah Brandt says, “As I have been attempting to argue, literacy as a resource becomes available to ordinary people largely through the mediations of more powerful people.”

This is an example of how parents influence you to so much. My parents gave me the opportunity to place sports and showed me how. Thanks to them sports and family have a major impact and influence on my life.

Teammates teach you how to care and respect for the game that you love so dearly and also how to care and look out for one another. They are a second family to you and they and the coaches will teach you that all throughout the season.

The perfect way to describe a coach in my opinion is a second dad that is also a best friend. There is that level of respect but you can also joke around with them at all times. My coaches throughout my life have shaped my love and literacies of sports because of the amount of love and passion they have for not only for the game but for their players.

I am very thankful and appreciative of all the literacies and sponsors that God has put into my life because it has influenced me to become a better human being and to spread my knowledge and human kindness to not just people that I am close with but everyone that I have encountered in my life.


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