Would you imagine being able to clone? Animal's clonIng

Play to be gods ?, turn the scientific advance in an economic benefit? Science has progressed so rapidly in recent years that today we have the skills to instantly materialize almost everything we imagine. Our enthusiasm to control what surrounds us has led us to be unable to set limits.

Animal cloning has become a revolution since a sheep was the first cloned mammal. This fact was crazy, turning the cloning of animals into a mine of money. Therefore, it is currently exploited in an extraordinary way, thinking only of the economic benefit, it is supposed to the improvements in the quality of our own life. Without thinking about the needs of animals.

How would you feel if the one whos is cloned was you?

In my opinion science has advanced so much that it is out of control we like to see advances in other individuals apart from humans, we have created an "Á la carte "lifestyle. What a mockery for life

It seems to me that if we continue on this path we will not control science but we will be harmed by our own actions, by our desire to create our craving control, without measure.

( À la carte) french particle.

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