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1850 to 1900 was a time a Immense growth for America. This period of 50 years was known as the Industrial Revolution because of all of the innovation. America started to build factories and invent things that had never been seen before. Before we invented all of these machines we depended on other countries to produce goods for us. The industrial revolution was a blessing because new inventions were created, job opportunities opened up, and we expanded railroads westward.

New Inventions:

The Industrial Revolution came with so many revolations in a short period of time. The cotton gin is just one of the inventions that boomed in the Industrial revolution. The loom was also a huge invention that took off becuase we were now able to do things with all of the cotton that we were producing. The steam boat took transportation of goods to a whole other level becuase it gave us the ability to move goods much faster than we could before Robert Fultons invention. All of these separate inventions played a huge role in forming the Industrial Revolution becuase it made everything much more efficient than anyone had imagined. At the time people didn't realize how many big inventions were happening at once but now that we are looking back at it we realize how big this era was.

New Job Opertunites:

As the United States started to build more and more factories they had to find people to work in them. This meant that women and immigrants were perfect for these jobs becuase they were looking for work. Most of these immigrants were Irish because they were going through a potato famine which was detrimental on their country and their people. Women were also perfect because they had never been given a chance to work outside of the house. Women were very hard workers which made them very effective in the workplace.

Railroad Expansion:

For my third and final topic I will be talking about how we expanded railroads westward to make it more efficient to transport goods. This railroad was known as the transcontinental railroad. It was a huge incentive for people to move westward becuase it made it easier to than ever to transport goods. People who were out west didn't have an efficient way to get their goods to the north before the transcontinental. The price of goods went down as a result of the this railroad because it made it much faster to get things around.

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