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This pat week we did not have any class, but only a meeting with Chris in the library to discuss our outlines and moving forward with our paper. When talking to Chris he helped me realize that I had narrowed my focus too much. I needed to not only talk about Maul and Star Wars, but to bring in examples from the real world and literature (for example) to compare with my villain. This helped me with my research a lot as I had been struggling before. I have built a representation of my meeting with Chris in the library as well as showing some of the things that Chris helped me realize. I had to be flexible, and respond to constructive criticism, which has helped me.

This is a representation of our meeting in the library
At first I was narrowing my focus to only Maul and Star Wars, similar to only using wood
But, if you use all the blocks or all of the information you can access, you can compare certain blocks and show which may be better to use at which time instead of only focussing on wood and types of wood.

This concept is also similar to viewing paintings in Minecraft. If you only look at one painting, up close, it is hard to tell what it is sometimes as seen through the close ups above. But, if you back up and look at all of them you can compare them and see everything clearer. I come back to the habit of mind of flexibility. My idea at first was too narrowly focussed, but once Chris showed my that, I was flexible and made changes which will help my essay in the long run.


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