When and Where Did Hurricane Isabel Occur?

Hurricane Isabel was formed September 6th, 2003 and dissipated September 20th, 2003. Isabel affected the Eastern coast of the US. More specifically, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and New York. The massive storm also hit parts of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Canada.

Hurricane Isabel destroying the road at Nag's Head, North Carolina, 9/18/03

how does this event occur?

Hurricanes begin as tropical storms out in the middle of the ocean. Generous amounts of moist, warm air. It is then pulled high into the atmosphere. The warm air spins and twirls rapidly, creating a hurricane. Isabel was formed from the wet air near the Cape Verde Islands.

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science has its pier completely torn apart after the massive storm, 9/20/03

how large of an area is usually affected by this type of event?

The area a hurricane covers can range from small cities near the edge of a coast to statewide to coastal. Since these massive storms form above the ocean, they don't make it to the middle of land masses before the cool air kills it. Hurricane Isabel caused damage to a coastal extreme, affecting the northeastern parts of the US.

Construction after Hurricane Isabel in Virginia, 9/30/03

what physical damage resulted from this catastrophic event?

This category 5 hurricane caused the northeastern coast $5 billion in damages, including homes, businesses, and agricultural work. There were a total of 38 fatalities and an estimated 80% of homes lost power throughout the storm.

Our human "climax community" in North Carolina following the storm surges, 2004

were people prepared for this event?

Because of today's modern technology, residents knew about the incoming storm and took as many safety precautions as possible, as well as trying to evacuate, although almost everyone else tried at the exact same time.

Isabel's path from the Cape Verde Islands to the US coast, 9/06/03-9/20/03


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