The Third GS300 Graham Kunkel

I studied the man who I was buying a car from. We all have that one friend who went from being really urban to really country. That one guy you know who sold his vape and now just always has a little Copenhagen Wintergreen tucked in his front lip. Well this is that guy. I wasn't sure which way he was looking due to the intense lazy eye which was his left and my right when facing him. He was wearing some grimy old real tree camo sweat pants and a real tree camo hoodie. When he talked he was either yelling or whispering- there wasn't much of a middle mark. He was primarily yelling. I couldn't guess his age because the chain smoking prematurely dated him. Life for him seemed to be a VHS tape in fast forward mode. His moves were quick and deliberate when he moved about the driveway. We were buying the car and the exhaust system was really nice on it and it was worth more than what we paid for the car. "Y'all are lucky I don't get my sawzaw out and cut that nice exhaust off before you leave" he informed us right after sucking down half a cigarette. As we entered his humble abode it was about as nice as I expected. I was greeted by a chubby brown Labrador. I looked around at the plywood walls lacking drywall and other aesthetically pleasing things like furniture. He got the title out and signed his name while the stove provided backing support. The make shift house that used to be a fully finished piece of real estate now is buried under too many projects. The wrinkles on his resembled valleys where dirt and grime resided. The over grown 5 o'clock shadow almost trapped in the foreign substances that inhabited his skin.

The more I looked at him the more I realized just how efficient this man was. In the 30 minutes that I was around this guy he was able to accomplish more than I did that whole week. His life style may not be comfy or aesthetically pleasing but everything got done. I learned that through all the projects that was taking place simultaneously in the driveway he was on top of everything, he knew not only exactly where everything was but he knew when he stopped and what he was doing last on each car. He may be rough around the edges but as far as work ethic goes this guy is as hardworking as it goes. Upon first impression I wasn't impressed with his chain smoking habit, and careless swearing the bled over into his whole persona but as I observed him I realized that he wasn't much for distraction. Anything that gets in the way of progress or efficiency is immediately annoying. His Craigslist add wasn't up for more than a couple days before we met with him, we met on such short notice he hadn't had time to clean out the car or get the tires aired up and ready to be sold so he had to accomplish all of that while we were at his house. He systematically achieved everything that needed to get done one very short notice, in a very short amount of time. Sometimes an efficient work ethic can make you seem frustrated constantly, when really you don't just don't like to be held up by distractions. Either way it's important to strive for efficiency because you can achieve more in less time and get on to more important things in life.

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