Social Media Is Ruining Our Generation By: Brooke White

Social media is ruining our generation in many different types of ways. We are letting it take us over and changing our way of life and thinking. Sit back and enjoy what's in front of you every once in a while.

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are easily the most used social media apps in America. I agree, they can be useful in terms of communication but we are getting to the point of it getting in the way of our every day tasks. If you can't get up and clean your room or do your homework because you are that glued to your phone, then you need to realize that you have a problem.
  • Also, there are even more problems with it than just being on your phone. There have been studies to show that spending too much time on social media can cause depression. They say that looking at all the fun your followers are having and how good they may look can cause envy, poor self-esteem, and insecurity. You can't judge someone by how they look on social media if you haven't seen them recently because people like to put on a good show.
  • People don't realize just how public what they post is. Watch out the pictures you post of yourself, believe it or not, there are weirdos out there looking for underage girls posting even mirror pictures. There have been many cases of underage girls being kidnapped or harassed and sometimes, they're never found again. It's a serious matter. Watch out the pictures you post of yourself or the information you post about yourself. You could also post something way too personal that could be used against you or your reputation. Don't share too much about yourself on social media. It's not your diary.
  • Many people also get cyber bullied on social media which can cause depression and even lead to suicide sometimes.┬áNo one is afraid to talk with confidence on social media because you're not face to face with the person you're breaking down so it's easier. People can say the most awful things to one another on social media without parents ever joining in and they don't think about how it affects you because they can not see how it's affecting you. They just know they're making themselves look strong, well that's what they think, and it gets too carried away a lot of the time.
  • One last very important topic I think is wrong with social media is that it has turned us into the antisocial generation. We have our phone right by our side at all times so we are never forced to communicate. When we are feeling awkward, we can just grab the crutch in our pocket (the phone) and just start scrolling to avoid any contact. People think they don't need to leave the house because they can just talk to their friends online with no shame. That's how you learn to become dependent on it because why talk in real life when it's just easier to text? We need to learn how to get ourselves in the real world and interact rather than living like a robot.

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