An innovative and engaging way of teaching people about our world

Global Imagination introduced its range of projection globes with the intention of revolutionising the way people learn, organize and share global information. The company has introduced their range of Magic Planet projection globe which in essence has a patented spherical display and offers unmatched user experience. According to results of a research study conducted on 1400 students, with use of projection globe the class participation amongst K-12 students is said to be increased by at least 16%. At this time, the projection globes have already been installed in more than 39 different countries around the world.

Over time, traditional chalkboards have been replaced by interactive white boards and globes at all times have been a basic classroom staple. However, at this time interactive projection globes have taken over our old-fashioned classroom globes. In addition, teachers believe that use of projection globe in a classroom setting is more helpful in engaging studies in different topics. K-12 students are required to learn about a wide range of global topic and this has been made easier with introduction of Magic Planet projection globe.

At this time, in China the Ministry of Education (MoE) has already granted Global Imagination with a 10-year exclusive listing on its National Standard for 2015 and beyond. Up till now more than 1,500 units have already been deployed and according to Ministry of Education in China in the coming five years the number is said to increase to up to 100,000 units. Moreover, in the United States of America more than 400 schools have also employed the use of projection globes in classrooms with the numbers constantly increasing.

Global Imagination introduced their range of projection globe that are currently renowned around the globe for its exceptional range of features. For its range of Magic Planet projection globe, Global Imagination is offering the largest library of spherical media and content in the world. It has been claimed by the company that use of Magic Planet projection globe tends to significantly improve comprehension and helps students prepare better for the success. Whilst the focus of Global Imagination will be on its expansion efforts in China and United States, nevertheless the company will also be working opportunistically in the rest of the world. With use of projection globes, interactive and visual learners have the possibility to learn better and can participate more actively.

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