Amur Tiger Endangered species By luke olive

The Amur Tiger,also known as the Siberian Tiger, is an endangered species of tiger. It weighs about 220-660 lbs and 4-10 ft and it's orange with black stripes and some white on the face. It is one of the biggest tigers in the world.

The Amur Tiger lives in eastern Russia, China, North Korea, and India. Needs it habitats, for example, a temperate forest. It is a carnivore and some of the things it hunts elk, boar, bears, and dears.

It's environment has been impacted lately in bad way it has been destroyed by human activities. Even ounce of the Amur Tiger has been selling to people so more and more people try to kill and skin to sell for money. Poaching tigers is illegal but people still do it. Poaching and loosing their environment are the reason this animal is endangered.

It has to try to adapt around this environment with less forest and more people coming after them. It needs to keep other tigers away and protect their young. Reproduction is key when a species is endangered. They need to always be around a good food source so they can hunt and eat/feed their young.

What the World Wild Life Foundation is doing to help the endangered Amur Tiger is enforcing a zero poaching law to slow down (stop) the killing and selling of tigers. They are protecting habitats to make sure no more habitats are destroyed. Also watching the population and making sure it is increasing not decreasing. These animals are highly sought after so WWF is making sure no one is trading for them.

To conclude the Amur Tiger is a endangered species and we want to make sure that this tiger doesn't go extinct. The WWF is doing so much to help out the biggest tigers in the world. They are stopping poaching and trade and much more. I think it is great what they are doing for this species to prevent them from going extinct. I wish more people could be aware of how many animals are endangered today. The Amur Tiger is one of them and I'm glad that people are doing stuff to help these tigers so they won't be extinct.


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Luke Olive


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